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Why Is My AC Not Turning On?

Is your AC not turning on? If it not, surely, it is a frustrating situation. When you find out your AC is not turning on, you feel annoyed because no one can tolerate such an inconvenience on a hot summer day. What are the reasons behind your AC not turning on? Is this one of the common AC problems? What are the solutions? Let us answer these questions. Read on!

Tripped Circuit Breaker

tripped circuit breaker is one of the most common AC problems that cause the AC not turning on. This is because when the circuit overloads, the breaker gets tripped. This, in particular, is more common during hot summer months due to high temperatures. Although it is one of the most common AC problems and you can fix it yourself, it is best to call a technician who knows how to check the electrical panel appropriately and work on the AC switch. If the AC switch gets “OFF” repeatedly, the technician will fix the electrical unit. If you try to do it yourself, you can damage the electric unit. Eventually, it can cause a fire. So, make sure you call a professional Air Repair Pros McKinney technician to fix the problem.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is one of the most common AC problems. AC not turning on means the fuse is blown. It is a box that is usually located outside your house – i.e. close in proximity to the AC condenser unit. You can’t fix this problem yourself. It is not a DIY job. On the other hand, we recommend you call a professional technician who will troubleshoot the problem and fix it. Before troubleshooting, the technician will disconnect the AC from the power source – i.e. the breaker panel. Then, he will carry out a continuity test using a multi-meter. If there is no charge, the technician will remove the fuses and install the new ones.

Thermostat Issues

The AC unit and the thermostat of the central AC system work together and provide cool air to your entire home. If there are any issues in the thermostat, the central AC unit will not turn “on” and “off.” Obviously, you can’t analyze or troubleshoot the problem yourself. This requires substantial electrical and mechanical knowledge. Issues in the thermostat are not common AC problems. So, you have to call a technician who will check the screen of the thermostat to see if the display panel of the equipment is blank. The technician will replace the batteries to turn on the display screen. Well, one part of the problem has been fixed. AC not turning on because the thermostat is not working properly. The technician will repair the thermostat, depending upon the problem. If it is still not working, the technician will ask you to replace it. If you allow him to replace the thermostat, the technician will shut off the central AC unit and work on the cabling system inside to install a new thermostat. This way, the AC not turning on the problem will be fixed.

Unplugged Condenser Unit

Most homeowners do not know the AC is not turning on. One of the common AC problems is the unplugged condenser unit. This means the AC won’t turn on if the condenser unit is unplugged. No matter what caused this problem, the technician that you have hired to fix the problem will check the small cord that connects the central AC to the panel. The technician will check whether or not this cord in properly in place and functioning properly. It is functioning properly, the AC unit has some other problems. On the other hand, if there are any issues in the cord, the technician will replace it with a new one and then connect it to the panel. This way, you can turn on the AC unit.

Clogged Condensate Line

One of the most common AC problems is the accumulation of mold in the condensate line of the central air conditioner. Most people who try to solve this problem themselves damage the condensate pipe. In contrast, a professional Air Pros McKinney technician can easily solve the problem by unclogging the AC drain line. He or she has all the necessary tools to get the condensate pipe cleaning job adequately.


Wrapping up, it is important to hire professional AC repair and maintenance services to avoid these problems in advance. Likewise, if any of these common AC problems occur, you can hire the Air Pros Repair McKinney technicians to solve the problem of AC not turning on.

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