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Reasons to Call for Air Conditioner Repair in McKinney TX

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There are obvious signs that your unit needs air conditioner repair in McKinney TX. You don’t have to be a skilled technician to detect unusual smells or sounds from your AC. However, you should seek professionals like Air Repair Pros to fully inspect and repair your unit if it’s broken.

Most homes in Texas have central air conditioners. As such, you can’t just ignore a malfunctioning unit and postpone its repair. It affects the comfort level of the entire house, after all.

Aside from strange smell and noise, inefficient cooling is also among the telltale signs of a faulty AC. However, there are also not-so-obvious signs that your unit has problems. Below are the lesser-known reasons that your air conditioner needs repair.

Wrong Size

A small central AC isn’t necessarily cheaper to use. On the other hand, a big one doesn’t mean it works better.

Obviously, a small unit won’t efficiently provide cool air in your entire house. To compensate for the inefficiency, you use your air conditioner for a longer time. You may set the thermostat at extremely low levels as well.

Doing such things is bound to shorten the lifespan of your unit. In the end, you pay a lot for frequent 24 air conditioning services. Then, you also need to spend on an early replacement. Your utility bills are nearly as costly as having a unit with the right size. So why settle for something less?

Another misconception is that a big air conditioner works better regardless of the house’s size. If you have something too large for your home, it will turn on and off more frequently. This short cycling can damage the unit’s compressor.

Air conditioning repair in McKinney TX can only offer short-term fixes for such issues. If your unit doesn’t suit your home, replacing it with a new AC of the right size is more cost-effective.

Water Puddles Under or Surrounding AC Unit

Water puddles are a sign of leakage. The reason for the leakage may vary from one unit to another.

A clogged or disconnected drain line can cause your air conditioner’s drain pan to overflow. That will spill the water under the unit. The leakage may also be due to low refrigerant.

Water puddles are quite noticeable. However, as your AC operates, it may result in the freezing and thawing of water spills on or near it. Before it leads to a complex issue that calls for ac repair in McKinney TX, you need to spot early signs.

You can do this by observing parts of your unit during its downtime. Look for water puddles or moist areas under or beside the air conditioner.

Poorly Maintained Fan

Your air conditioning contractor can handle the maintenance of your unit. For us, there’s no big or small job involving any HVAC equipment.

However, there are tasks that you can do yourself. You can clean and replace filters, for example. You can turn to professionals for tougher chores like clearing drain lines and supplying refrigerant. For breakdowns, you should call for professional central AC air repair instead of attempting to fix the problem on your own.

As for other tasks you can do, you can tidy up and lubricate the unit’s fan. The fan is on the top of the condenser unit. (The condenser unit is the part of the central AC that’s set up in your yard). Outside, dirt, leaves, grass clippings, and other debris may get stuck on the fan’s blades. The weight and size of the debris can slow down the fan’s operation. They can even stop it from working.

If your unit breaks down because of a faulty fan, it may be too late to clean such a part. It’s more advisable to let a pro deal with the mess. It can form part of the regular maintenance of your unit.

Problematic Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is among the integral parts of your central air conditioner. It’s the part that receives refrigerant for the entire AC. It’s also one of the lesser-known parts that often cause malfunctions.

Improper placement alone can prompt for air conditioning and heating repair. Aside from poor installation, mice infestation can also cause the evaporator coil to shift.

Cracks in the said coil put it at risk of freezing. If it gets frozen, the ice and frost can further block airflow. This will result in uneven cooling. Your unit may stop cooling as well. Apart from cracks, a faulty fan may be the underlying cause of the broken coil.

Algae in Condensation Line

You already know that mold and mildew can thrive on parts of your air conditioner. Such organisms love moisture so they may grow within your unit. By the time you spot them on your filter, there may already be plenty of spores affecting internal parts of your AC.

However, mold and mildew aren’t the only ones that can live in your air conditioner. You also have to watch out for algae, particularly on the condensation line.

If your algae problem is too severe, your air conditioner may need emergency AC repair. It’s not that easy for you to detect, though. If you’re suspecting algae in your AC, try to look for greenish, whitish or brownish stains on or near pipes.

Who Can You Trust for AC Repair in McKinney TX?

Don’t wait until your faulty AC becomes irreparable. Call Air Repair Pros (972) 302-5412 for speedy, efficient, and affordable Air Conditioner Repair in McKinney TX.

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