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Cleaning Dirty Air Conditioner Filters

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Air conditioner dirty filters can make the system less comfortable, damage the HVAC system, cause leakage issues, and increase energy consumption. AC filter replacement is an effective way to avoid these problems.

Why do Air Repair Pros recommend to change the filter? Many homeowners in Frisco, TX believe that dirty AC filters can contaminate the air, and that’s why technicians advise homeowners to replace them once a month. Although it seems a nice piece of advice, it is not completely correct.

AC air filters not only prevent environmental pollutants from going back into the airstream, but it also blocks allergens or particles from damaging the internal components of the AC. Air conditioner dirty filters can cause a lot of damage to your AC system. Read on!

Less Comfortability

A clogged air filter will prevent fresh air from circulating through the vents. You won’t have an adequate amount of air to stay cool. When you have cold or hot spots around the house or when the temperature does not match that of the thermostat, a blocked air filter is a reason. It can thus cause a lot of discomfort for you and your family.

AC Leaking

All types of AC systems work by absorbing heat and humidity from the air in your house. When the refrigerant evaporates in the AC’s evaporator coil, it absorbs heat from the air blowing over it. However, Air conditioner dirty filters can freeze the coil and leak water into your home, which can cause structural damage.

Keep in mind that a frozen coil is a definite sign of this problem. However, the leaking may also be due to other issues within the air conditioner. It is a wise idea to hire a professional AC repair or maintenance service like Air Repair Pros to fix the problem. Our technician will change the filter every month to help prevent the problem of AC leaking water.

Damaged AC System

Air conditioner dirty filters can affect airflow throughout the home. As a result, the AC system components have to work harder to function properly or meet your requirements. It means a homeowner can expect wear and tear over the hot summer season, and the AC system may fail when the family needs it the most.

AC filter replacement is the solution to a lot of problems, which also include protecting the internal components of the AC system. However, when you try to replace the filters yourself, you may not do it adequately, which means you can further damage the system. Therefore, we recommend calling an expert technician or service to get the job done adequately.

AC filter replacement regularly and scheduling bi-annual or annual preventive maintenance service with Air Repair Pros is the best way to overcome many issues. Air Repair Pros ensures the AC system lasts a long time without any issues.

Moreover, dirty air filters cause problems for the blower fan. It works harder to bring an adequate amount of air when there is a clogged filter that blocks the airflow. Again, hiring an expert technician who will change the air filter is one of the most effective ways to fix the problem. Doing so will reduce energy consumption, which means lowering your monthly energy bills.

How to Clean Central AC filters

Hiring a professional technician is beneficial in many ways. For instance, when you avail Air Repair Pros, our technician will carry out the repair or maintenance step-by-step to meet the standards and protocols as well as deliver the best job.

Our licensed technician will begin with the diagnostic procedure, which is about looking at the signs that cause air conditioner dirty filters. For example, if the air quality throughout the home is not up to the mark, then filters need cleaning.

Likewise, if there is any visible dirt on the filters or if your AC is not cooling your home, again, the technician will get the job done by simply replacing the filters.

Some AC systems use filters that do not require cleaning. In simple words, it not easy to clean them and therefore, AC filter replacement is the sole solution. Usually, AC manufacturing companies recommend swapping out the air filters at least once a year.

At Air Repair Pros, our experts will create a preventive maintenance program tailored to your AC system and home cooling needs. If the AC system allows for reusable air filters, then according to the manufacturer’s instructions, we will either wash the air filters or completely replace them. Contact us today if you are facing the problem of air conditioner dirty filters.

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