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How to Make Your Air Conditioning System Energy Efficient

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Your air conditioning system constitutes a major chunk of your energy bill, most especially during the hotter months of the year. This is because of two things: it is commonly open for long hours of the day, and the device itself generally consumes more electricity than most of your appliances.

In spite of its expectedly huge energy consumption, there are many ways to make your AC unit more energy-efficient and keep your electric bills under control. Here is a rundown of ways to make your air conditioning system energy efficient.

1. Keep your air condenser clean – It is important that there are zero obstructions at the air condenser and filter. With time and usage, your filter can accumulate air impurities in it, causing compromised airflow. This will make your AC’s motor run harder, which would then cause higher electric bills. Periodically cleaning your air condenser will greatly help in keeping your electric bills down as it will help your AC motor run more efficiently. As a bonus, it will also make the air it produces much colder, which can make your room extra comfy faster.

2. Keep the vents clean – Just like with the air condenser, one of the keys for optimal air conditioner performance is to keep the vents clean. Doing so will ensure more effective airflow, which will then result in faster cooling and lesser energy costs. Aside from giving your vents a proper cleanup every now and then, it would also be smart to keep your air conditioning unit away from items that can get sucked into the vent and cause obstructions.

3. Keep windows, doors, and curtains closed when AC is turned on – Keeping any of these points open will allow for heat to unnecessarily entering your home, which can put additional strain to your air conditioning unit and drive up your electric bills as a result. Keeping the windows and doors closed will keep cool air from getting out of the building. Meanwhile, keeping the curtains and blinds closed will prevent the sun’s rays (and heat) from penetrating your house’s interior. It’s just one of many ways to use heating/cooling units more efficiently.

4. Keep appliances that produce heat from a distance – Many people don’t recognize how placing heat-producing items near the thermostat and/or the air conditioning unit actually compromises the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit. This is because heat-producing appliances such as incandescent lights, refrigerators, and lamps will mess around with the function of your thermostat, leading to it signaling your AC unit to work harder, which results in higher energy consumption. It is recommended that you place heat-producing appliances away from your AC unit.

5. Invest in a thermostat – Most HVAC units have a thermostat built-in, but it would be a great idea if you install a dedicated thermostat in your home or office. Having such a device can potentially help you save a lot of money on electricity when you are using either a heater or an air conditioner. Having a preset temperature for your house or office at specific times of the day will help in keeping your electric bill under control, especially during the warmer times of the year.

6. Get proper insulation – Any HVAC expert will tell you that having your home insulated will be a worthwhile investment. Regardless if you are using a heater or an air conditioner, proper insulation will help in preventing the temperature from the inside from going out, and temperature from the outside from going in. For those who own air conditioners, proper insulation will ensure that heat from the outside will not enter your house and cold coming from inside your home will not leak outside. This can significantly help in reducing your electric bill.

7. Have your AC unit routinely checked – It is recommended that your HVAC unit gets periodic checkups every now and then. You might be doing the routine maintenance tips mentioned here in this guide, but there might be some things that you might miss out on. It is highly recommended that you have someone who’s qualified to check on the overall condition of your air conditioning unit. This will help ensure that your air conditioner is always in top shape, and any potential issue that can compromise efficiency will be identified right away.

8. Consider an upgrade – Over the years, the tech used in air conditioners has increased significantly. All of these improvements have led to better performance, which includes better energy efficiency. At some point, it is highly recommended that you get a new AC unit to replace your old one, especially once it starts showing wear and tear. If you will get a new unit, it is advised that you go for a unit that is of the appropriate size and power for the space it will cool. Also, make sure to check if it is compliant with the latest energy efficiency standards (ex.: Energy Star).

Those are just some of the ways that you can save energy when you are using air conditioning units. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your AC unit, call us here at Air Repair Pros. We are the authority when it comes to air conditioning and heating services in Texas. We do maintenance checks, repair, and replacement of air conditioning units. Call us or check our website to learn more about our services. We are always ready to serve you.

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