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Argyle Air Conditioning Repair – and More!

How to get AC with virus protection Argyle TX? An air conditioning system is an essential piece of equipment in your home that improves the indoor air quality and cools your house. At the same time, HVAC systems installed and maintained correctly can eliminate harmful pathogens from the indoor space.

Many homeowners look for virus protection Argyle TX. Air Repair Pros recommend installing the REME HALO® air scrubber to improve virus protection further. Studies show that the REME HALO® is also an excellent air purifier that aligns with central AC systems to remove bacteria and viruses, including the novel SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19.

Air Repair Pros, Argyle, TX, is a reputable company with licensed, experienced, and skilled technicians. Our company offers installation, repair, and maintenance services. In today’s article, we will give you details on our services. Read on!

AC Installation in Argyle TX

There are dozens of companies in Argyle, TX, offering AC installation services. However, not all of them offer reliable and affordable services. Our qualified technicians help you choose the right system for your house by considering your home size, budget, air quality concerns, etc.

Many homeowners have concerns about humidity, leading to wood rot issues, mold, and other complications. Air Repair Pros’ professional technician can install a new AC system and adjust humidity levels according to your house conditions. That way, you can keep high moisture levels at bay.

Air Repair Pros’ technicians use high-quality tools and follow a step-by-step installation process to get the job done accurately. The purpose is to help you save money by installing your AC the right way, leading to reduced energy consumption. As a result, you will save money on your monthly bills throughout the summer season.

AC Repair in Argyle TX

Even AC with virus protection Argyle TX is prone to damages, wear and tear, and complications if not appropriately maintained. Air Repair Pros offer state-of-the-art AC repair in Argyle TX. Our qualified technician will visit your home to inspect the system and look for problems. Once diagnosed, our technician will use his/her expertise to fix the system. Common AC problems that require repairs are:

  • AC not turning On
  • AC not blowing cold air
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Strange noises
  • Foul odors
  • Leaking water
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Mechanical wear and tear
  • Electric control failure

Many homeowners in Argyle, TX, show concern about air condition repair services that promise to visit their home but fail to show up. Remember, this is not the case with Air Repair Pros because our technicians are 24/7 available.

Even if you call us at midnight, we will send a qualified and skilled technician to your home. Our company aims to reduce discomfort for you and your family by ensuring your AC runs smoothly without any problems.

AC Maintenance in Argyle TX

Your air conditioning system is prone to a wide range of problems if you fail to maintain it bi-annually. Many HVAC companies recommend annual tune-ups, but Air Repair Pros follow a bi-annual tune-up approach to ensure your AC runs optimally throughout the summer season and stay ready for the next season. Our qualified technicians will visit your home and:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Clean drain pans
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Test all coils for Freon leak
  • Monitor Freon site glass
  • Inspect capacitors for hazardous leaks
  • Look for mold growth and eliminate it
  • Inspect and clean air filters
  • Check supply vents
  • Lubricate blower bearings
  • Lubricate motor bearings
  • Spray controls and switches
  • Check thermostat
  • Check all electrical components
  • Inspect all wire connections
  • Clean contractor points
  • Test running amperage of the compressor
  • Check refrigerant flow and perform system evaluation
  • Provide a detailed report to the client

Air Repair Pros offer a specialized program known as the Comfort Club Membership. We recommend becoming a member of this program to get two free bi-annual tune-ups, priority and 24/7 emergency repair services, and enjoy all other perks.

We perform preventative maintenance to ensure your home remains cool throughout the summer season. At the same time, we focus on AC with virus protection Argyle TX by installing air purifiers.

Remember, proper maintenance leads to reduce repairs, improved indoor air quality, decreased energy consumption, and increase overall lifespan. That way, you can save money on monthly bills and use the system for a long time.

Contact Air Repair Pros, Argyle TX

Air Repair Pros is a professional company with experienced teams. We have dedicated teams of technicians for installation, repair, and maintenance. Are you looking for AC with virus protection Argyle TX? Contact us today!

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