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Is My AC Thermostat Broken?

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A broken AC thermostat is one of the biggest issues a homeowner can face during the hot summer months. It can cause your home to get uncomfortably cold or hot temperatures. A broken thermostat leads to significant use of energy and you end up paying higher energy bills.

If the thermostat is non-responsive or if the display is off, it means the thermostat has problems or broken. Likewise, if the AC system is not cooling the room, again, it is a sign of a broken AC thermostat.

Generally, any time the air conditioning system does not deliver the cooling or maintain the desired temperature, it means you have a broken thermostat. A similar issue can occur if the system itself has issues—for example, leaky ductwork.

Want to know how to fix your AC thermostat? In this article, we will answer this question that will help you fix the broken AC thermostat. Read on!

Common Thermostat Problems

AC running continuously: If you have noticed that the AC runs all the time despite you have turned it off, this is a clear sign of a broken AC thermostat. A wiring issue may cause this problem. This requires you to recalibrate the thermostat so that it gives the correct instructions to the AC.

AC not turning on: This is another sign of a broken thermostat. Most often, a wiring issue leads to this problem. Call an AC service so that the technician can accurately diagnose the problem. Malfunctions in the internal temperature measuring instruments may also cause this problem.

Temperature Fluctuations: Do you freeze in the bedroom and sweat by spending only five minutes in the kitchen? When temperature varies from one room to another, this is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with the thermostat. Again, you may need to call a repair service. They will send a technician who knows exactly how to fix ac thermostat.

No Power to the AC Thermostat: Another definite sign of a broken AC thermostat is not receiving power. When the thermostat does not receive power, it does not turn at all. An unlit backlight on the thermostat display also means a lack of power.

How to Fix AC Thermostat?

If you have enough knowledge about AC thermostats, then there is no need to call a professional repair service. On the other hand, if you don’t know what exactly is going on, it is best to call Air Repair Pros McKinney. A technician will visit your home and start the diagnostics process, which includes the following.

The technician will check the power circuit to know whether or not the thermostat is receiving power. Also, he will check the circuit breaker. If there are any problems, he will either repair it or replace the breakers.

Likewise, the technician may try replacing batteries on the AC thermostat. This simple step can resolve a wide range of thermostat issues. A broken AC thermostat can be prevented this way.

There are some thermostats, which can open easily. This way, you can clean the inside. Although this will do the job, you may have to call a professional technician if it requires unscrewing the faceplate.

Dirt, dust, and nicotine buildup can all affect the performance of the thermostat. It can eventually lead to a broken AC thermostat. A qualified technician has all the essential tools to clean the inside of the thermostat. The technician cuts power to the circuit of the thermostat or removes batteries before starting to clean the inside.

You must hire a skilled technician to fix the broken AC thermostat. This is the person who knows the diagnostic process and understands how to fix the AC thermostat.


If the AC thermostat is not working, it means it has either minor issues or bigger problems. For example, loose wiring, old batteries, or a problem with the AC itself. Let Air Repair Pros McKinney help you.

We can get a qualified technician to you quickly, give you an affordable estimate on the spot and fix the AC thermostat to make the entire system working smoothly. Our technicians are qualified and professionals with many years of experience. They will tell you exactly what the problem is as well as give you solutions.

“How to Fix AC Thermostat?” This is not easy. This is why you need to get in touch with the qualified, professional, and friendly AC experts at Air Repair Pros McKinney. We can quickly diagnose the broken AC thermostat issues and then help repair or replace it.

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