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When to Get Central AC Repair

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay  For many homeowners, an AC not working properly is one of the major problems. This issue is most common in hot summer months. When your AC does not work in summer, it cripples your home. Central AC repair in McKinney TX is an ideal solution to repair your central AC and get it running so that you can stay at home with peace of mind. What are the most common problems with central AC? In today’s article, we will tell you about those issues and tell you how McKinney central AC repair can fix the central air conditioning system. Read on!

Central AC Does Not Turn On

One of the major factors that contribute to this problem is the thermostat. When you hire a professional service that offers central AC repair in McKinney TX, the technician will set the AC thermostat to cool. The purpose is to bump down the temperature setting. Next, the technician will check the electrical panel for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. The McKinney central AC repair technician will look at the wires to figure out any issues in the power supply. Likewise, the technician will check the thermostat and furnace power switch for issues.

Improper Cooling

The most common problem with central AC is not enough cooling – simply put, your AC is running, but it’s not cooling your room snatches away your peace of mind. There are many causes, for example, it can be a dusty air filter, clogged condensate drain, or low refrigerant level. When you hire a technician or a professional Central AC Repair in McKinney TX, they will review the condition of the coils and check for ice around them. The technician may also look for a dirty compressor of your central AC. Once the problem is identified, the technician will apply the appropriate solution based on his or her experience. For instance, the technician or repairman may add more coolant to the central AC system.

Low on Refrigerant

If your central AC is not cooling properly, it might be low on the refrigerant. The AC repairman may tell you that the refrigerant wasn’t charged properly. Another problem with it can be leakage. Considering these issues, the technician will check for leakages before he or she adds more refrigerant. Otherwise, the persistence of leakage can cause harm to the indoor environment, for instance, it can cause damage to the AC and your health.

Blowing Hot Air  

Another problem associated with central AC is the blowing of hot air. Most often, the problem is due to a dirty air filter, which leads to flow issues. The technician will check the condition of the air filter and if it is really causing the blow of hot air, he or she may replace the filter. Likewise, it is important to check the central AC and look for debris or any other materials that are obstructing the airflow.

Leaking Unit

Central AC creates condensation, which is drained properly. However, the pipes of the central AC system can get a leak or block. Similarly, the condensation pump could stop working – all of them can cause the leakage issue. When you hire McKinney Central AC Repair service, the technician will clear the condensation drainpipe and use a bleach solution to clean the pump system of the central AC of fungus and algae. Besides, the technician will check all the electrical connections to the condensation pump. He or she may replace the pump depending on the severity of the issue. If there is leakage, the long-lasting solution is to replace the drain pipe.

AC Makes Noise

Central ACs, sometimes, can make noise. However, some central ACs make noise, which the homeowner doesn’t recognize usually. So, this can indicate a serious issue. Most often, experts at Air Repair Pros McKinney central AC repair say that the noise is due to the belt problem. In particular, if your AC is making a squealing sound, then it is definitely due to the belt’s improper alignment. To fix this problem, the technician will replace the belt. Moreover, a grinding noise indicates issues with the bearings of the central AC bearings. For instance, pinging and popping are the two factors that can cause loose metal flaps in the ductwork. The technician will tighten the cover panels of the central AC unit to overcome the issue of rattling noises. Wrapping up, if you want to troubleshoot, maintain, or fix your central AC, the best solution is to hire a central AC repair in McKinney TX Company “Air Repair Pros McKinney.” We will identify the issues with your central AC, figure out the solution, and apply those solutions expertly. Contact us today!

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