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Central Air Conditioner Basics

Central air conditioner repair and maintenance are an essential part of owning the machine. Without regular care, your air conditioner is sure to break down faster than it should. Also, it will be a costly mistake, as poor maintenance is one of the main culprits in increased electrical bills. Lastly, proper use of your AC will help maximize its functions. If you want to make sure that your central AC is functioning well all year round, especially during the warmer months of the year), make sure to follow these central air conditioner basics.

Keep doors and windows closed.

When your air conditioner is in operation, it is recommended that you keep the doors and windows in your house closed. This is because open doors and windows will cause cold air to escape from the inside and warm air to come in. This will make it much harder for your AC to maintain your desired temperature, causing it to work harder and drive your electrical bills up as a result. Make sure to keep them closed when using your air conditioner!

Consider insulating your home.

This is one of our most common recommendations when people come to us wanting to have central heating or cooling units installed in their homes. If you are targeting maximum efficiency for your air conditioner, proper insulation will greatly help in accomplishing this. By installing insulation, cold air will be better retained inside your home, making it much easier to reach the target temperature, and making your air conditioner work less.

Keep your air filter clean.

The air filter is necessary to ensure that your air conditioner will blow only clean air into your living space. However, with regular use, the filter can collect dust and other air impurities, which will then clog your air conditioner. With obstructions at the filter, air circulates less effectively, increasing the strain on your AC’s moving parts while increasing your energy bills. Periodically cleaning or replacing your AC’s air filter will work wonders in keeping it working well.

Check the drain channels

The drainage system is an often overlooked part of AC maintenance, but it is crucial that you check it from time to time. Clogged drains will cause accumulation of water, which can potentially damage your air conditioner. Beyond this, it can also cause a lot of trouble in your home, as it’s a leading cause of leaks and flooding. Make sure to periodically check your AC’s drains to prevent these issues from happening.

Keep the coils clean.

The coils are responsible for bringing down the temperature of the incoming air. Keeping it free from debris is essential to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, there are some air impurities that the filter is unable to block, which will then attach itself to the coils. The presence of dirt and dust in the coils not only reduces your air conditioner’s effectiveness in cooling down the air, but it can also increase the risk of overheating. Periodically clean your AC’s coils to prevent this situation.

Get a functional thermostat.

Nearly all air conditioners have a built-in thermostat. When the preset temperature is reached, the AC unit will tone down its function. A proper thermostat will not just ensure that your room is at the right temperature at all times, but it will also help in managing the workload of your air conditioner. If you are using a central air conditioner, it is a good investment to also purchase an actual thermostat. Some of the latest thermostats can have programmed functions during specific times of the day and can even be operated remotely using mobile devices.

Turn off the AC when not in use.

Something as basic as this is often overlooked by many people, resulting in energy wastage. Responsible use of your air conditioner is one of the best ways to save money on electricity while also saving your AC unit’s moving parts from stress. When a room is not in use or nobody is home, you can turn off the air conditioner. Also, you can turn off the air conditioner when the desired temperature is reached.

Never skip periodic maintenance.

This is one of the best ways to avoid central air conditioner repair, which can get potentially costly. While there are some maintenance techniques that you can perform yourself, it is prudent to have your AC checked by a professional every now and then. They can access parts of your AC that you otherwise won’t, and they can spot telltale things that indicate something is wrong. Have a technician routinely check your air conditioner periodically.

Get repairs when necessary.

If you see something broken in your air conditioner (ex.: leaks, inefficient cooling, shutdowns, overheating), it is important that you don’t take it for granted. Get professional help right away and have your air conditioner repaired. More often than not, parts and manpower for fixes are more affordable than replacing your unit when the damage goes beyond repair. Also, not delaying overdue repairs will allow your AC to function more efficiently and prevent more damages from appearing. Those are just some of the basics to ensure that you’ll get the best experience when you own a central air conditioner. If you need central air conditioner repair and maintenance services in McKinney, TX, you can get it from us here at Air Repair Pros. Call us, send us an email, or visit our website to know more about our services. We are open 24 hours a day, and we are always ready to serve you!

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