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If you have air conditioning repair or heating repair needs, you can count on the Air Repair Pros in Denton TX. We are EPA certified, and you can trust us for fast, fair, and quality AC repairs.

Have you been asking yourself, “Who can I count on for HVAC repair near me?”  Well, if so, our hundreds of 5-star raving fan reviews prove that you have found your HVAC equipment repair team in Denton Texas.

With more than two decades of air conditioning repairs and heater repairs experience in Denton, you can always trust us with your home cooling and home heating systems. We offer 24-hour Ac repair and 24-hour heating repair when you need it. So, when you think “air conditioning and heating repair near me,” then remember the Air Repair Pros in Denton TX. You can entrust your air conditioning repair, heating repair, and all of your HVAC repair needs to the pros, the Air Repair Pros.  So, when you are looking for AC repair, or heating repair near me, call us for guaranteed quality results.

Air Repair Pros Denton: Location, Products, and Service Information

Air Repair Pros recommends that you support the Denton Chamber of Commerce. You can find their website at

We look forward to serving your AC repair and heating repair needs.  If it is agreed that you need a new HVAC system, you can always count on us to give you the best HVAC equipment. You can call us anytime at (972) 625-1400, as we are available 24/7/365, even for emergency AC repair, or emergency heating repair. With just one visit, you will see for yourself why tens of thousands of fellow Texans rely on the Air Repair Pros to handle all of their HVAC repairs.

If you have lived in the Denton TX area, you already know that you can never expect the kind of weather we will be having. Sometimes we have brutally cold winters, and this requires that our heating repairs and heater repair need are up to date. It has been as severe as -22 degrees right here in Denton Texas!  But you can always count on that one time of the year when you can have air conditioning repairs done early; that is, our infamous Denton TX summers!  We almost always have 4 or 5 months of summer that may have you asking, “Where is the AC repair near me?” Sometimes, it feels like we are going to melt if we walk outside. That’s why having your HVAC repairs done as early as possible so that your air conditioning system is in excellent shape is so important. If your home AC unit needs repair during mid-summer, you could be in real trouble. Your air conditioner repair system health needs are on the top of our list. That is what the Air Repair Pros has done, and done well for over 20 years!

Because your HVAC repair needs will happen when you least expect them, your HVAC system needs to be inspected and tuned twice per year.  All summer long, you can avoid air conditioner repair if your system is tested and any worn out parts are replaced before you need them.

That’s why we created the Air Repair Pros’ Comfort Club. We know that air conditioning repairs and heating repairs can cost you a ton of money. However, if you have your AC systems tested and tuned, and any worn parts replaced before you need them, you can avoid an expensive breakdown. For the same reasons that you have your car or truck tune-ups done, you wouldn’t want to drive with a badly worn fan belt, would you?  When you have your AC repairs done before you need them, they are almost always less expensive. If you wait until your system seizes up, that can cause a “domino” effect throughout your entire HVAC system. You may never need to ask, “Who are the experts of HVAC repair near me?”  Because, much like owning a vintage vehicle, if you properly maintain them, they will run for more years to come!

With an Air Repair Pros’ Comfort Club membership, you get BOTH your summer tune-up and your fall tune-up done for FREE!  You also get zero-cost unlimited service calls anytime during the year and a VIP treatment for appointments, which will move you to the front of the line.  You can call us (972) 625-1400 to ask about our Comfort Club membership. We accept your HVAC equipment in any condition, and the price starts at only $14.95 per month.

The Air Repair Pros are one of the oldest and largest air conditioning repair, heating repair, and service companies in the entire Denton area. We are able to provide you with fast, same-day air conditioning repair response times, often within 2 hours. We give you the highest level of quality service that comes with almost two decades of experience.  We provide you the best HVAC services, all while keeping HVAC repairs and prices affordable for you. Our technicians are kept up-to-date with all of the latest cooling and heating repair technology to ensure that your system is always in its best condition and is highly-efficient.

We service all makes and models, including Trane, Bryant, York, Carrier, Lennox, and Goodman. All the parts that we install are ensured to work with your system’s make and model, to ensure that you get the most extended lifespan out of your air conditioning or heating unit.

If you are unsure whether you just need parts to get your system up and running again, or if it would be more cost-effective to install a new HVAC system, give us a call. We can come out and take a look at your unit to determine the overall efficiency of your home and give you a cost comparison between keeping your current system versus replacing it with a new, energy-efficient HVAC system.

As you well know, Denton can be hot for what seems like forever!

Most units start to fail when it overheats or freezes over. As early as today, you should consider becoming an Air Repair Pros Comfort Club member! If you live in the Denton, Texas area, to ensure that you and your family will be safe and comfortable all year, you need the best air conditioning and heating service team. We’ll be sure to always deliver on your air conditioning repair or heating repair needs.

For service, installation and sales, call (972) 625-1400

Tips to Help You Save on AC Repairs and Heating Repairs in Denton TX

As you search for AC Repairs Near Me, or Heating Repairs Near Me in Denton TX, be guided by advice from the experts. Through our website, we offer tips not only for maintenance and proper care but also tips for saving money. Consider these suggestions:

Hire the Best HVAC Repair Service​

To do this, use Google. That’s how people quickly find competent technicians when they search for AC companies near me, or HVAC repairs Denton TX.  Your internet browser can show the closest HVAC contractors near your search location.

Remember to spend time comparing prices, but also be sure that you are comparing brand names.  Check if the price is appropriate for the service.  You can always ask the AC repair company, “Do you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?”

Clean Your Filters Regularly or Replace Them When Necessary

The air in your vent spaces can become stagnant, thereby inviting bacterial growth. An old air filter can cause your HVAC system to take longer to cool or to heat your home. When a dirty filter blocks the airflow, hold your hand over several of your vents to see if you feel the same airflow. Sometimes, you may feel a different airflow from vent to vent, or you might not feel hardly any airflow at all. Try changing your filters. It is an inexpensive test to see if that solves your issue.

Just like with refrigerators, the unit will be working harder to produce the needed temperature level if the airflow is hindered, resulting in higher utility bills.

Check For Ratings

When looking for a company that does air conditioning repair in Denton TX, pay attention to the star ratings of reviewers. Ideally, the best-of-class HVAC contractor will have between a 4.7 to 4.9 Google Star ratings. If a business has more than 50 Google reviews, it is almost impossible to have a perfect 5-star record. Also, check to see if the HVAC contractor you are considering has replied to the posted reviews. How they treat their current customers is a good indication of how they will treat you. Remember, when you are searching for an air conditioning repair service, the TOTAL amount of reviews the contractor has is essential. If the HVAC contractor that you are considering has more than one office, check the other offices. This is important to get a total picture of their customer satisfaction. Some people still think that older agencies such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) are still relevant. If you are one of those folks, by all means, check their BBB rating too.

However, Google has done an outstanding job of being an aggregator. It means that Google now pulls all of the ratings of other online review websites so that people can get a total picture of what other search engines are reporting.  It just saves you time when you are trying to find the best HVAC contractor to work with when comparing prices from different air conditioning and heating repair in Denton TX contractors.  Also, consider the time of the year (whether it is the peak season for repair services or not; as prices are higher as summer or winter approaches). Don’t be alarmed or be upset if you call an HVAC contractor when it is 102 degrees outside, and you don’t find them even willing to “Bid your job.”  In Texas, most HVAC companies do 80% of their business from May 15th to October 15th.

Try Interviewing HVAC Contractors in the Offseason

When you consider how important your HVAC system is to your overall comfort and even to your health, doesn’t it make logical business sense to find a trusted HVAC contractor and stay with them?  The odds are good that you take your vehicle to the same service and repair shop, every time. You most likely see the same doctor and dentist. If you need a CPA, you’re sure to go to the same one every year. If you were in business and had regular legal issues to deal with, you would most likely find an excellent general lawyer and stay with him or her. So why not find a really good HVAC company and work with them? If they are an outstanding company, they will most likely have a “Comfort Club” type program that will allow you to pay just a small monthly fee for the company to take care of your two annual tune-ups, to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming intense weather. A trustworthy membership program should also give you significant discounts on any other service calls that may be needed during the year. It should also provide you with VIP treatment during peak service times with written guarantees to make sure that you are not waiting for more than a day for service. The Air Repair Pros has just such a program with our Comfort Club Membership.

Check for Prices​

The average total cost for most services is between $100 and $150. Crucial central air repair services can cost even more – $550 to $1000. In the United States, the maximum cost for an air conditioning repair service is between $75 and $2500, depending on the issues. For maintenance services, the flat fee for a one-time visit costs $70 – $100. The yearly maintenance costs $150. 24-hour AC repair in Denton TX can cost a lot if you are not working with a 24/7 company that does not charge extra for after-hours or holidays.

Heating & Cooling Repairs Tips

Again, the best advice that we can offer you is to find “Your HVAC” contractor or company to work. Get to know the office staff. Make sure that you give them a Google 5-star review when they do great work for you. Investigate their membership program, and join if you feel that it will benefit you. If you do this, you’ll no longer have to do all of this time-consuming research. After all, what you are really looking for is an HVAC company that will treat you fairly every time. Come out to see you fast, every time. And to look after you as a real professional. Isn’t that what we all want?

When you have an HVAC company that you feel comfortable with, they become your “go-to solution.” So vet as many companies as you need to be sure you get the best. Remember, it’s not a matter of IF you need air conditioning or heating repair but WHEN you will need it!

For service, installation and sales, call

(972) 625-1400 

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