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Frisco TX – Finding Furnace Parts

Many homeowners don’t know which Frisco TX furnace parts they need to repair or replace to make the system run optimally. There are many common furnace problems, which are fixable, and it is essential to understand the significance of hiring a professional technician who could repair or replace the Frisco TX furnace parts.

Understanding furnace problems is an optimal way to figure out if it is time for you to replace the parts or keep with maintenance for a couple of years. Like all appliances, inefficient or older furnace systems provide different signs, including wear and tear, which show they need repair or replacements. Read on!

Frisco TX Furnace Parts

While your furnace does not have a lot of moving parts, it can go wrong in different stages of the air heating process. If you don’ know how a furnace operates, then let us tell you about it.

The furnace system has a burner, which burns fuel to produce heat by warming the heat exchanger. Then, a blower motor starts drawing cool air from the indoor space of your home and pass it through the heat exchanger where it warms up.

Next, the air duct system distributes the warm air to the room of your home. When there are any problems with the furnace parts, you will have to call a professional technician to check the system and perform furnace repairs.

In general, you will find four types of furnaces, which are dual fuel, oil, gas, and electric furnaces. Experts say that gas furnaces are efficient and can achieve over 95% fuel efficiency using the fresh air from the outdoor space.

The function of a furnace system depends on its type. For instance, it is either a single-stage, two-stage, or modulating system. A gas furnace has some basic parts, such as the burner, the heat exchanger, the ductwork, and the flue (ventilation pipes). Some other parts or mechanisms work collaboratively to deliver warm and clean air to the indoor space of your home.

Return Ducts

The return ducts retrieve cool air from the indoor space and return it to the furnace system where it is reheated. A professional technician will replace the return ducts when this part can’t collect cool air from your home.

Air Filter

The air filter is an important part of the furnace system. It catches debris, dust, and particles in the air before passing them into the blower motor. It is easy for a professional technician to repair or replace the air filter.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is one of the most important Frisco TX furnace parts. It pushes the air through the heat exchanger for distribution through the indoor space of your home. Furnace blower motor repair, in general, costs about $150 to $200. A blower motor replacement can cost $350 to $700.


It is an important part of the furnace system that measures the temperature in the indoor space of your home. The thermostat tells the ignitor to turn “ON” or “OFF.” Generally, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker can interrupt power to the thermostat.

A professional technician will simply repair the circuit breaker or replace the blown fuse to make the system work properly. If there are any bigger problems, the technician will suggest replacing the thermostat for your furnace.


Burners are important Frisco TX furnace parts. They ignite the hot surface ignitor, which produces a consistent, controllable flame, sending heat or warm air to the heat exchanger. You need to call an experience Furnace repairs service or company to fix the issue.

Heat Exchanger

Another important part of the furnace system, the heat exchanger, receives the combustion gas and absorbs the heat from the gas into the walls. Then, it cools the combustion gases and vents them into a pipe.

A bad heat exchanger emits an unpleasant odor, which is often due to the formaldehyde. You need to contact a professional service that will send a technician to check the heat exchanger.

Depending on the problem, the technician will either repair the system or replace the heat exchanger. Replacement costs around $1,500 with a typical range between $800 and $1,800.

Why Choose Air Repair Pros

The furnace is not a cheap system because it is an essential component of your home’s HVAC system that works in the winter season to warm your indoor space. The furnace system can indeed undergo a wide range of problems.

The solution is either furnace repair or replacement of parts. Air Repair Pros is an experienced, qualified, and professional company with licensed technicians who know how to repair and replace Frisco TX furnace parts.

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