Frisco TX Heating Repair: 24-Hr Affordable and Reliable Heating Services

Frisco TX Heating Repair: 24-HR Affordable and Reliable Heating Services

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If you need to call in a Frisco TX heating repair service, consider Air Repair Pros. It is an HVAC company that caters to residents and commercial establishments in and around the Frisco area.

Here you will get in touch with professionals who possess years of experience servicing homes and offices including AC repair and installation, heating repair and installation, and preventative maintenance.

Emergency Heating Repair Services: Furnace Repair

A good emergency heating service will try to help you diagnose the problem, or they will ask you to provide them with details so they can easily pinpoint the issue and work on it immediately.

Check these common furnace issues:

  • Maintenance

Unexpected problems and breakdowns can happen due to a lack of maintenance. On the other contrary, routine inspections conducted by a Frisco heating repairs company can help prevent emergency failures. It will also help keep the furnace running efficiently and in good working condition at all times.

  • Filters

The filters of your unit might already be clogged resulting in reduced airflow. If this is the case, your furnace is working harder to circulate air. If the limit switch that controls the fan has been damaged, the root cause may be dirty filters, too.

  • Wear and tear

Overheating, heat-control-related problems and constricted airflow arise from years of use of the unit. With old units, it is best that you have a list of emergency heating repair services to contact to ensure fast remediation of any problems that can happen anytime.

  • Electric ignition or pilot control

The heating equipment cannot function well with a faulty pilot or ignition.  An unlit pilot light may result in clogging and thermocouple issues.

  • Thermostat

Problems related to the comfort level or with the fan can be an indication of a malfunctioning thermostat.

  • No heat from the furnace

Check the thermostat setting, gas, power or pilot light.

  • Not enough heat

Check for clogged filters. The size of the furnace might also not be enough for the space.

  • Frequent cycling

Cycling between on and off may be an indication of a wrong temperature setting, an improper airflow, or a dirty filter.

  • Blower

Check for issues on the limit switch if the blower is continuously running. You may check for heating repair companies near you for a quick replacement of the switch.

  • Annoying sound

If the furnace is too noisy, it indicates a possible problem with the mechanical structure, or reduction on airflow, or a clogged burner.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Frisco TX: Repair and Maintenance Tips

Here are heating repair tips and maintenance tips:

  • Circuit breaker and power supply

In the event that the furnace ceases to function, go to the circuit breaker and see if a fuse was damaged. It doesn’t hurt to check if the equipment is properly plugged into an electric outlet. Follow the same steps if you notice that the screen of the thermostat is blank.

  • Drafts

Watch out for moisture issues with your furnace, specifically when the pilot light starts acting up. Closing the windows and doors can help fix the problem.

  • Maintenance

Schedule maintenance service towards the end of summer or when the fall season starts. Get the service early because service costs can drastically spike up when demand increases close to the beginning of the winter season.

  • Furnace installation

Install the right type and size of furnace for your home. Get expert opinion before buying or have a heating and air repair in Frisco TX company inspect your space.

Frisco Heating and Air Conditioning Repair: Furnace Installation Guide

If installing a furnace unit, take note of the following:


Furnaces are of two types:

  • Forced air – requires ductwork through which heated air is forced/blown.
  • Radiant system – uses boilers to send steam through pipes going to radiators. These radiators provide heat in spaces where they are installed.

BTU Capacity

Ensure that your unit has the right heating capacity for your home. Rule of thumb is 30 – 60 BTUs per square foot of your living space. When choosing, factor in things like weather conditions and the age of your home.

Buy a furnace that can provide a higher amount of heat than what you need. A furnace with low BTU capacity may not provide adequate heating to your space.

AFUE Rating

This measures the furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel into heat. For example, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 80% means that it can convert 80% of the energy in its fuel to heat.

Note that the AFUE rating does not account for heat loss that takes place in the ductwork or piping. On the average, 30% of energy output is lost in these places. Heat loss is higher in poorly-insulated areas like the garage and attic.


Depending on the manufacturer, warranties for furnaces are offered for 5 to 10 years. Warranties are longer and more expensive in premium brands. Consider purchasing an extended warranty for an additional fee.

Air Repair Pros

When you type in heating repair near me on your browser, Call Air Repair Pros is one of the companies that stand out.

Call Air Repair Pros during an emergency. Their 24-hour heating repair and maintenance services are so reliable that you can call them for any furnace trouble which they can fix within a short span of time.

Air Repair Pros is also well-known for pocket-friendly HVAC services. If you have financial issues that make you hesitate to call a Frisco TX heating repair service even during an emergency, talk to them about it and avail of easy payment schemes.

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