Furnace Troubleshooting in Oak Point TX with the Professionals

Furnace Troubleshooting in Oak Point TX with the Professionals – Thermostats

Many homeowners ignore furnace troubleshooting in Oak Point TX, leading to severe consequences, such as high energy bills, reduced function, inadequate indoor air quality, and breakdowns. If you want to avoid costly Oak Point TX Thermostat Repair services, it is important to focus on regular maintenance of furnace systems, including its parts like thermostats.

What is A Furnace Thermostat, and How Does it work?

The furnace thermostat is a central component of the home heating system. It is the main control point, which determines the time and distribution of heat in your home by the furnace. Many homeowners think that the thermostat is a complex component of the HVAC system.

However, this is a misconception. A thermostat gives instructions to the furnace system and enables it to deliver heat and warm air to the indoor space in your home. In simple words, it is a simple temperature-sensitive switch that controls the distribution of heat inside your home.

Most thermostats that control HVAC systems, including heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces, are low-voltage devices. Typically, the thermostat uses 24 volts of electricity. Experts at Air Repair Pros, the best Oak Point TX Thermostat Repair service, say that thermostats working with in-wall heaters and electric based heaters use 120 to 240 volts of electricity.

A transformer usually powers the low-voltage thermostat and reduce the incoming line voltage to 12 or 24 volts. However, this depends on the furnace design. Besides, electronic programmable, digital, mechanical contact, and mercury contact are four major types of thermostats.

Common Thermostat Problems

Like other components for which you need furnace troubleshooting in Oak Point TX, a thermostat can also undergo a wide range of issues. Some of the common problems associated with furnace thermostats are:

Dust and Debris

A dirty thermostat causes erratic operation and leads to system failure. It is essential to hire a professional service like Air Repair Pros to address the problem on time. Our technician will visit your home and inspect the thermostat. The technician will remove the thermostat cover and gently clean its internal parts, such as switch contact and bimetallic coil surfaces.

Heat Anticipator Problems

Older mechanical or analog thermostats have an electrical device mounted in the center. The device is known as the heat anticipator, which tells the thermostat to turn “ON” and “OFF” the furnace burners.

A malfunctioned heat anticipator causes the furnace to cycle on and off frequently. On the other hand, digital or programmable thermostats come with built-in heat anticipators. These devices set themselves automatically without needing any manual adjustments. Call a professional furnace troubleshooting in Oak Point TX, to adjust the heat anticipator.

Faulty Wiring

Missing or loose wire connections can cause the thermostat to lose its connection with the furnace system. If the furnace fails to perform optimally or stops working, call Oak Point TX thermostat repair service to inspect the thermostat’s wiring.

Our technician will inspect the internal wiring, tighten connections, or replace wires as necessary. Keep in mind that low-voltage thermostats use small-gauge wires, and you can work with them easily and safely. However, hiring a professional technician is a recommended option for homeowners.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

Inaccurate temperature readings often characterize a malfunctioned thermostat. If you don’t have enough knowledge and skills to adjust the settings, you can call Air Repair Pros. Our technician will check whether the thermostat is installed in the proper location. Usually, it should be away from outside windows, doors, and other heat sources like radiant heaters and fireplaces.

Exposure to heat emission, direct sunlight, and outside temperature can cause the problem of inaccurate temperature readings, triggering the furnace system to turn on and off frequently. Air Repair Pros experts recommend installing the thermostat close to the air return ductwork so that it can display the most accurate temperature readings.

The inaccurate temperature readings may also be caused by drafts coming from the wall cavity. Our technician will guide you on how to tackle this problem. It is best to fill the wall cavity with insulation to curb the airflow.

Contact Air Repair Pros

Sometimes, faulty, aging wiring, extreme temperature changes, and debris accumulation can cause the thermostat to stop working properly. A defective thermostat can damage the furnace system and its components because it frequently turns on and off the system. If you face issues with the thermostat, it is crucial to call Air Repair Pros, the best Oak Point TX Thermostat Repair service that offers furnace troubleshooting in Oak Point TX.

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