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Heating and Air Professional Services

a leak in the spot. The technician will use a few high-quality products to seal off the leaks and insulate the ductwork.

Pilot Light Issues

If there are any issues with the pilot light, the technician will check it and ensure it is lit. However, if it does not, the technician will see whether or not the gas is flowing to it by checking the gas valve. However, if the problem persists, the technician will perform a thorough check and solve the issue accordingly.

Lack of Fuel

No matter if you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace, it needs fuel to run smoothly and properly. For instance, if the heating and air system is not receiving enough fuel, the heater will not work appropriately. Although you can fix the problem as a DIY task, we recommend you hire an Air Repair Pros’ technician to perform a complete check.

Malfunctioned Controls

Many homeowners are unable to control their Heaters and air handlers properly. Most often, the problem is with the thermostat. It is important to call a professional technician to check the thermostat and set it to the right temperature. The technician may also replace the batteries to see if it fixes the issue. Reset the thermostat to see if it starts working properly.

In contrast, if resetting the thermostat does not solve the problem, the technician will open it and check the wiring. If none of these solutions work, it is time to replace the thermostat, and this is the last option for a homeowner.

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Heaters and air handlers can undergo a lot of problems over time. First, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance. Experts recommend bi-annual HVAC maintenance for its proper functioning.

Air Repair Pros offer a variety of services, such as installation, repair, and preventive maintenance. If you want to avail of any of these services at affordable prices, apply to our Comfort Club membership program. Call Air Repair Pros now for heating and air services.

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