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How to Clean Furnace Air Filters – Heating Maintenance in Melissa TX

Air Repair Pros offers Heating Maintenance in Melissa TX, an essential service with many benefits. These include reduced energy bills, improved efficiency, enhanced home safety, warranty maintenance, and resolving minor problems before they become major issues. Regular maintenance also extends the unit’s life.

During the Heating Maintenance in Melissa TX, Air Repair Pros’ technician will ensure the system works under safe conditions. Our technician will clean or replace the filters, inspect the thermostat for correct settings, clean the blower, inspect and clean the ducts and vents, and check other components.

Air filters are a crucial component of the heating system that maintains indoor air quality by removing pathogens, pollutants, and allergens. However, air filters can collect dirt, dust, and debris over time if you fail to clean or replace them every month. The air filter cleans the air as it passes through it, allowing you to breathe cleaner and fresher air.

Air forced through a clogged or dirty air filter can release environmental allergens and pollutants into the indoor space. The accumulated dirt and dust released into your home can cause respiratory conditions. At the same time, a dirty air filter can take a toll on other system components. How to clean air furnace air filters? Read on!

How to Clean Furnace Air Filters

Many homeowners ignore the significance of air filters. Neglecting air filters can harm the heating system, damage the internal components, cause the equipment to blow cold air, and reduce its overall lifespan.

Although the air filters remain hidden from view, you must keep them in your mind and clean them every month. Regular cleaning of air filters means optimal indoor air quality, allowing you and your family to breathe in the fresh air and prevent the risk of respiratory conditions.

According to Air Repair Pros’ technicians, washable air filters can attract more dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants due to a static charge. Although these filters are more effective than disposable ones, cleaning them regularly is essential because they can collect dust particles quickly. Cleaning your air filters is an eco-friendly way to maintain an optimal environment in your home.

Vacuum the Encasement Area

How to clean furnace air filters? Air Repair Pros is a professional company that offers bi-annual maintenance services to ensure your furnace system runs optimally without consuming more energy. Our technician will visit your home with all the necessary tools to clean the air filters.

Our technician will vacuum the encasement area before taking out the filter from the unit. The technician will carefully remove the dirt without pushing the dust around. Next, our technician will remove the filter from the unit and vacuum the internal area of the encasement.

The purpose is to ensure the clean air filter does not accumulate or attract dirt and dust when the technician puts it back in the unit. Remember, a clean air filter works more efficiently. Likewise, our technician will vacuum both sides of the filter.

Rinse the Filter

After vacuuming the filter, our technician will use a water sprayer to rinse it. Our technician does not use a full force of water to avoid damaging the air filter. We equip our technicians with high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are beneficial for your home atmosphere and overall environment. Depending on the dirt and dust intensity, our technician may use your shower to rinse the filer.

Remove Grime

Once our technician has rinsed the filter, they will remove the grease, grime, pet hair, and smoke residues. Our technician will use quality and chemical-free soap to clean the filter. Our technician will mix one drop of liquid soap in 2-3 cups of warm water.

Next, our technician will clean both sides of the filter using a soft cloth soaked in the mixture. After removing the grime, our technician will rinse the filter thoroughly and remove the excess water.

The purpose is to ensure the filter gets dry. Now, it is time to put back the air filter into the furnace system’s encasement. Our technician will use quality tools to insert the air filter into the unit properly. The technician will turn on the unit and measure the quality of the air.

Contact Air Repair Pros

Although you can clean air filters yourself, we recommend hiring Air Repair Pros for Heating Maintenance in Melissa TX. Not only do our technicians clean air filters, but they also check other components of the heating system and diagnose issues.

Once diagnosed, our technician carries out a step-by-step process to fix the unit. If you are looking for quality and reliable Heating Maintenance in Melissa TX, contact Air Repair Pros to schedule your appointment.

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