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McKinney Texas HVAC Repair – Bad Noise and Smells

As a homeowner, you should contact a reputable McKinney, Texas, HVAC repair services company immediately if you notice abnormal noise and smells emanating from the AC system. The foul smell and noise are an indicator there is a problem with the system. Since it’s challenging to identify the cause of the problem on your own, you need the help of a qualified AC technician.

The qualified HVAC checkup in McKinney technician will quickly identify the cause of the foul smell or noise. After identifying the problem, the professional AC technician will immediately fix it to prevent further damage. Also, the technicians perform necessary tests to ascertain the issue is fully resolved and the system is functioning perfectly.

Common Causes of Bad Noise and Smell

There are many potential causes of awful noise or smells from a home’s HVAC system. The foul smell or noise are the first signs you should look out for to know your AC needs a bit of repair. Although the smell or noise is a nuisance and makes your indoor space uncomfortable, they are the first indicator of an AC problem. If you respond promptly by calling the HVAC repair company, you will prevent further AC damage, which could be costly to resolve.

Usually, a system that’s quiet and doesn’t smell is a sign of a well-maintained AC system. On the other hand, if your system seems noisy or produces a bad smell, there are some possible causes.

In this article, we will review the causes of harmful noise and smells in HVAC systems. We’ll then discuss some ways to prevent these problems from occurring.

Bad Noise

The noises that your HVAC system emits are a symptom of many different problems. One of the most common noise problems is caused by a loose fan belt or bearing due to poor installation. The ductwork may have been poorly installed. Also, the furnace or cooling unit may not have insulation installed around it.

Typically, the ducts require insulation if they are not sealed or partially filled with dirt. Also, packing tape is necessary to seal any holes in these ducts. The insulation should be attached with screws to keep it from being pushed out by wind and rain driving on it.

Importantly, you should ensure all the AC system work is handled by trained, licensed, and highly experienced technicians. The qualified technician will do the perfect installation, maintenance, and repair works. The technician will carry out relevant tests to ensure the AC system is running perfectly.

Bad Smells

A foul odor coming from your HVAC system is an indication that something is not right with the system. Possible reasons for an unpleasant smell include mold growth, excess dust, debris on the coils, or a buildup of dirt and grime in the vents.

Of the various causes of bad smell, the buildup of mildew and mold, usually found near the furnace or water heater, is the most common cause. When this happens, sulfur gases are created that people find unpleasant smelling. To prevent molds from growing, homeowners should add an indoor dehumidifier, especially when it’s too humid outside.

The second leading cause of the foul smell is dirt in filters and condenser coil or blower wheels. Condenser coils are usually located outside the house and often become polluted with leaves, dirt, pollen, and other debris. When the dirt accumulates on filters over time, it leads to a bad smell.

Homeowners should ensure that their AC system is clean of debris (such as leaves). Therefore, AC cleaning should be done often.

Get Professional Help

Since bad noise and smells are signs of a problem in the air conditioning and heating system, they require prompt attention. The first thing you should do is to call an HVAC professional for service evaluation. Also, before the technician comes, try to identify the odor or the noise and determine if it’s coming from the outside or inside the unit.

Always remember AC problems often start small, and if they go unnoticed, they can cause more problems. To prevent costly significant repairs or future inconveniences due to AC failure, ensure you contact the HVAC company immediately when you detect a problem with your air conditioner.

Contact Air Repair Pros company if you notice abnormal noise or smell in your AC. It’s a sign of your HVAC system malfunctioning. The technician will quickly identify the cause of harmful noise and smells in your AC and fix it promptly before they become too big to handle.

The McKinney Texas HVAC repair company has the necessary expertise to diagnose and fix all your cooling and heating issues.

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