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McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs – 24/7 Services

McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs offered by Air Repair Pros ensure your heating system runs optimally throughout the winter season. A well-repaired HVAC system performs at its peak, maintains an optimal indoor environment, and allows your employees to work in a comfortable working space.

In addition to 24/7 repair services, Air Repair Pros offers commercial furnace maintenance services in McKinney TX. Preventative maintenance is essential for your commercial HVAC system because it prolongs the equipment’s lifespan, increases the system’s efficiency, and reduces energy bills.

Your furnace system can undergo numerous problems if you fail to maintain it properly or perform the repair work on time. Today’s article will highlight the most common issues associated with furnace systems and how Air Repair Pros’ qualified technicians can adequately carry out McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs. Read on!

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can take a significant toll on your commercial HVAC system, leading to mechanical wear and tear, electrical problems, poor indoor air quality, and other complications.

Not only do clogged air filters restrict airflow, but they also cause the heating system to work harder. So, this can overheat the heat exchanger and cause an unexpected shutdown. The good news is that you can hire Air Repair Pros’ technicians for McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs.

Our technician will inspect the heating system and follow a step-by-step approach to diagnose the issue. For instance, if the problem is merely due to dirty air filters, our technician will replace them with new ones.

However, if the problem persists, our technician will use their expertise to fix issues like constant on-off cycles and ensure the system produces enough heat to maintain a comfortable environment in your commercial facility.

A Malfunctioned Thermostat

The thermostat is an integral part of the heating system and the brain of your equipment. It controls the furnace system and tells it when to adjust temperature levels in the indoor space of your commercial facility.

Air Repair Pros’ commercial furnace maintenance services in McKinney TX involve proper recalibration of the thermostat to ensure the heating system works optimally and achieves desired temperature levels.

However, the thermostat can undergo various problems, including incorrect modes. Our technician will check the thermostat and ensure it is set to heat mode. Besides, our technician can check the internal parts of the thermostat to ensure they sync and function correctly.

Strange Noises

Another common problem associated with HVAC systems is strange noises. For example, if the blower produces a scraping or grinding noise, it means the ball bearings have worn out. In that case, you should turn off the equipment immediately and call Air Repair Pros for McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs.

When you notice the furnace system makes shrieking noises, it means the blower belt has slipped or worn out. Our technician will inspect the belt and look for damages. If the belt is in good working order, our technician will tighten it correctly.

However, if there is wear and tear on the belt, our technician will replace it with a new one according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Calling Air Repair Pros is the best way to get the job done ad1quately and save yourself time and hassle. We recommend bi-annual commercial furnace maintenance services in McKinney TX, to prevent this problem in the future.

Ignition Issues

Some commercial establishments have older furnace systems with a pilot light that does not stay lit. Various factors cause this problem. So, it is better to let Air Repair Pros’ professional technician investigate the possible causes. For instance, a misbehaving thermocouple or a clogged pilot orifice could have caused the problem.

Other causes are too low flame setting and a defective safety switch. Whatever the reason is, our professional knows how to fix the problem adequately and quickly. Even if the problem occurs at 3:00 AM, you can call our company for 24/7 McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs.

Avoid attempting to relight the pilot yourself until our technician has fixed the problem. Remember, natural gas is flammable and can accumulate in and around the unit, leading to fire hazards and toxicity. So, any unpleasant situation is a massive liability for your business.

On the other hand, our technician will check the flame sensor if you have a furnace system with an electric ignitor. The sensor shuts down the furnace when it detects gas but no flames. Anyway, our technician will check, diagnose, and fix the problem.

Call Us for 24/7 McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs

A heating system can undergo problems at any time. Most often, the issues occur unexpectedly, causing significant damage to workplace productivity and business operations. However, you can fix the problem quickly and efficiently by calling Air Repair Pros for quality, 24/7 emergency McKinney TX Commercial Furnace Repairs.

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