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Why is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

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Why Your Air Conditioning May Not Be Cooling

When an air conditioner does not cool enough, it can be for various reasons, not just for lack of gas. Most people think of this as the main problem, but it is not the only one, it is more, all this lack of gas has become a myth and a way for the smartest people to get money from the people.

It is one of the causes that cause the air conditioning not to work properly, but a large part of the time is due to other factors since if the installation was done well in its day, you should not lose the gas unless it has produced a leak. While the assistance of a technician will be required in some instances, knowing a few common problems can help prevent and fix issues without spending a fortune.

1. Dirty air conditioning filters:

The essential maintenance operation is cleaning the filter of the indoor unit, and many people think that it is not very important because the only thing that can happen is that less air comes out, this is a big mistake, the equipment can get blocked and stop functioning. So you should keep the proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

Solution: Clean the filter of the air conditioning unit with water and reset the equipment (some simply by removing power).

2. Dirty Indoor Fan

Another problem, although much less common, is the accumulation of dirt in the fan (impeller) of the indoor unit. This problem occurs more frequently in cold only units and less frequently in heat pump units. This is a big problem due to this reason the equipment can get blocked and stop functioning, So you should keep the proper maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Solution:  Performing this cleaning is a simple way to fix an air conditioner that won’t cool if you forgot to do it.

3. External Fan Blocked

Another possibility is that your outdoor fan is blocked. When this happens, it does not allow it to rotate, preventing the machine from releasing the heat it is generating. All this will cause it to stop due to high gas pressure or too high compressor discharge temperature.

Another possible reason why our air conditioning does not cold is due to the blockage of the external fan. With this breakdown, we will see that the air conditioning cools little and less. After some time, the outdoor unit will stop, and the cooling process will also stop.

Solution: Call a professional AC repair service provider because it is not an easy fault to repair by yourself.

4. Compressor

One of the most feared breakdowns is that of the compressor because it is one of the most expensive components of air conditioning equipment. If your compressor has some problems, then your air conditioning unit will stop working.

Solution: Call a professional technician because it is not an easy fault to repair.

5. Air Conditioner Evaporator

The evaporator is an essential component of an air conditioning unit that takes the hot air from outside and transforms it into cold air through an exchange between the coolant and the area to be cooled. If the equipment does not cool, the fault is likely in this component.

Solution: Call a professional refrigerator; it is not an easy fault to repair. Contact Air Repair Pros for better air conditioning repair service in McKinney TX.

6. Magnetothermic Switch

This is a prevalent cause of an air conditioning unit not responding, simply someone has lowered the equipment’s thermomagnetic switch in the electrical panel to avoid consumption in stand-by in the wintertime that is not used, so now it has no current and does not work.

Solution:  Raise the thermomagnetic circuit and enjoy it. If it “jumps” in operation, then there is undoubtedly another more serious problem.

7. Electronic Plates

Today one of the biggest causes of breakdown in air conditioning equipment is the electronic boards; both the indoor and outdoor units have one, and sometimes even several. It is relatively easy for any of them to be damaged due to a voltage increase in the network, humidity, or simply because the quality of the equipment is low and the plates “expire” before the rest of the components.

Solution: Change the damaged plate; there is usually no possibility of repairing it or of an alternative, the manufacturer knows it, and for this reason, it tends to put stratospheric prices close to it, sometimes to the cost of the complete equipment.

McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Services

When your air conditioning unit has some failures, then you go for a solution through searching for an AC repair service provider company. If you are in McKinney and looking for ac repair in McKinney TX, then type in the google search bar “ac repair near me” or “air conditioning repair service in McKinney TX. ” By doing this, you will find different AC repair companies, but Air Repair Pros is the right option for you and your air conditioning unit.

Our McKinney air conditioning repair technicians can resolve all your air conditioning problems such as a faulty thermostat, cracks, evaporator problems, and other serious issues. We offer various air conditioning services in McKinney such as:

  • AC repair in McKinney TX
  • AC installation in McKinney TX
  • Furnace repair in McKinney TX
  • HVAC repair in McKinney TX

If you need quality air conditioning repair services, then contact us at (972) 302-5412 or email us at airrepairmckinney@gmail.com to make an appointment. For more information about air conditioning repair in McKinney TX, check out our other blog articles!

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