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AC Services McKinney Texas – Common AC Problems and How to Fix Them

Homeowners need AC Services McKinney Texas, when their air condition systems do not optimally cool the indoor space. Air conditioner repairs are costly for homeowners in McKinney. Therefore, it is essential to schedule bi-annual maintenance or regular tune-ups to fix AC problems.

It is crucial to find the best air conditioner services near me, like Air Repair Pros. Our technicians follow a proactive approach to maintain your air conditioner. Let us discuss some of the common AC problems and how to fix them. Read on!

AC Not Turning On

AC not turning on is one of the most common problems. It is crucial to check the batteries of your thermostat if the system does not work optimally or turn “ON.” Replace the batteries of your thermostat if they are damaged or dead.

On the other hand, check the thermostat settings if the batteries are “okay.” That way, you can determine whether the cooling mode is “On” with the right temperature settings. Likewise, if the thermostat is “ON,” but your system does not turn “ON,” check the circuit breaker.

Call Air Repair Pros’ professional technician if you don’t know the cause of this problem. Our technician will visit your home and diagnose the system. Once our technician determines or detects the problem, he will use his expertise to fix it immediately.

Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioning system blows hot air, it means something blocks the airflow. The most common cause of this problem is a dirty air filter. Remember, a dirty air filter can freeze up the condenser unit and reduce your AC performance.

Experts at Air Repair Pros recommend changing your system’s air filter every month to prevent this problem. If the issue persists, you can call our company. Our technician will diagnose the system and ensure it produces cold air.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is another common problem associated with air conditioning systems. When refrigerant in your AC leaks, the temperature will vary, and the AC won’t perform correctly.

Research shows that refrigerant leaks can cause low efficiency, high power consumption, damaged compressor, frozen coils, uneven cooling, etc. Hire our professional AC Services McKinney Texas, to fix the problem.

Strange Noises

Although all air conditioning units produce sounds, if you notice strange noises, it means your air conditioner has experienced something terrible. For example, your AC will make a hissing sound due to refrigerant leaks, clicking sound due to relay problems, and banging noises due to motor or blower assembly problems.

Moreover, when you notice a screeching noise, it means your air conditioner has a malfunctioned compressor or fan motor. A buzzing sound indicates faulty electrical components. Hire a professional air conditioner services near me to resolve these issues.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When your AC system does not receive enough needed for its operation, it will experience a frozen evaporator coil. The problem can make your air conditioner freeze up and stop working. Our experts say that blocked ducts, clogged vents, dirty air filters, and a malfunctioned fan cause this problem, leading to insufficient system airflow. Call our company for a thorough system inspection, ensuring maximum airflow and improve indoor air quality.

Electric Control Failure

The fan controls can wear out when you frequently turn “ON” and “OFF” your AC system. The compressor, condenser fan motor, and blower motor collaborate to start your air conditioning unit.

So, when there is something wrong with the connection between these components, your AC won’t turn “ON.” Check the electrical connection to identify the issue or call our experts to immediately diagnose and fix the problem.

Water Leaking Outside

Water leaking outside is another common AC problem that requires a professional technician’s attention. Water leaking outside from your air conditioning system on a hot day is normal, but if it occurs in cool weather at 60 degrees or below it, it means the unit has frozen up, leading to water leakages when the ice melts.

The most common causes of these problems are dirty air filters, improper installation, low coolant levels, broken condensate pan, and blocked drain pipe. Call Air Repair Pros to fix the problem. Air Repair Pros has qualified technicians who use quality tools to ensure the system does not leak water outside.

Contact Us Today

If you experience any of the problems given above, it is wise to act immediately by calling Air Repair Pros. The moment you call our company, we will send a technician to your home to inspect and fix the system. Contact us today for quality, reliable, and cost-effective AC Services McKinney Texas.

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