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My Air Conditioner Has No Power!

An air conditioner that has no power means it won’t turn on. Usually, when the AC does not turn on, it is due to a tripped circuit breaker. One of the easy AC fixes is that you can reset the circuit breaker. If the AC still does not work, this is due to a much bigger problem; for example, defects in the electronic control board, malfunctioned thermostat, blown fuse, or problems in the power cord. The experts of Air Repair Pros have many years of experience in diagnosing and repairing issues like air conditioner has no power. This is the reason we are writing this article to give you easy AC fixes. Read on!

Problems in Electronic Control Broad

If your air conditioner has no problem, it means it won’t turn on. First, you have to confirm that source of power is good. The problem can be due to the electronic control board assembly. A central AC system uses this component to control other parts. When the control board does not work, it is a sign that the compressor or fan is not turning on. Check the board for a blown fuse. Use the user manual. If you don’t know how to do this, you can call a professional AC repair service.

Defects in the AC Thermostat

Your air conditioner has no power because of the defective thermostat. The AC system has a rotary type control or thermostat that uses a sensor to monitor the temperature in the room. The sensor signals the compressor if the air needs cooling. First, you need to check the power source to the AC system and make sure it is good. Then, turn on the temperature control. You will hear a light click noise. So, if everything seems normal, test the contacts of the thermostat for continuity. You can use a multi-meter to check this. If the air conditioner has no power, immediately call Air Repair Pros. A qualified technician will visit your home as soon as possible and check what exactly is causing the air conditioner to have no power.

Interrupting Power Supply

The AC system won’t turn on because there is an interruption to the power supply. The most common cause is a faulty power cord. One of the easy AC fixes that you can try is to test the outlet with another appliance to ensure it is supplying power. Check the power cord and see if there are any damages to it. For example, fraying. If you have the latest AC system installed, you will see a circuit breaker in the cord. If the break is tripped, simply reset it. The air conditioner has no power may be due to the tripped breaker. If the breaker has not tripped and the air conditioner has no power, then there is another problem. So, if you are unable to figure it out, call Air Repair Pros and our technician will diagnose the problem and fix it. Most probably, the technician will use a multi-meter to remove the cabinet and test the terminal strip for voltage. The technician will either repair the power cord or replace it. In most situations, experts recommend replacing the cord.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is another reason your air conditioner has no power. This will cause the AC to not work properly or not turn at all. The fuse protects the electronic control broad. One of the easy AC fixes is to check the fuse and ensure there is adequate power supply. Then, unplug the AC and remove the cover of the cabinet. You will see that the fuse is near the circuit board. Replace the fuse if it is blown. In case you can’t do it, you can call a professional service to fix the problem of your air conditioner has no power.

Malfunctioned Thermistor

Your air conditioner has now power because of a malfunctioned thermistor. This component controls the function of the AC parts. The thermistor is a sensor that monitors the temperature of the air in the room. It sends signals to the control board so that it can turn on the compressor and start circulating cool air. Read the user manual and follow the instruction to test the thermistor. If you can’t do this yourself, you will need a technician to fix the problem. He will check the thermistor of the AC system. If it appears normal and working, then he will inspect the control board. Your air conditioner has no power due to a loose connection. Although there are easy AC fixes, experts recommend getting professional help. There are many companies in Frisco, TX that offer AC repair service. However, if you want something professional, reliable, and affordable, you can call the Air Repair Pros. We will send a technician to check why the air conditioner has no power and fix it right away!

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