Are Air Purifiers Effective For Allergies?

Are Air Purifiers Effective For Allergies?

Are Air Purifiers Effective, particularly a pollen air purifier like REME HALO®? Pollen is the most common trigger of allergies. Pollen allergy is also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis. Plants release tiny pollen grains during the spring, summer, and fall to fertilize other plants belonging to the same species. 

Pollen grains can cause allergic reactions. These usually come from grasses, trees, and weeds. Plants make small, lightweight, and dry grains that travel by air to fertilize other plant species. However, these grains can cause allergies to humans. For example, ragweed is the primary cause of weed-related allergies. 

The question is: how do pollen grains reach the indoor space and cause allergies? The answer is simple – pollen grains are lightweight and travel by air to get to the indoor space. Anyway, other common pollen sources are sagebrush, lamb’s quarters, pigweed, and tumbleweed. 

Specific tree species, such as cedar, birch, and oak, also produce allergenic grains. The common symptoms of pollen allergies are runny nose, mucus production, itchy nose, ears, eyes, and mouth, sneezing, nasal congestion or stuffy nose, red eyes, watery eyes, irritation, and swelling around the eyes. 

People treat pollen allergies by taking over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as Zyrtec and Claritin. You can also take immunotherapy tablets or shots to treat pollen allergies by desensitizing your body. 

Some people also use nasal sprays to relieve nasal congestion. However, medication can cause side effects. Therefore, it is better to follow a proactive approach and use pollen air purifiers like REME HALO® to clean your indoor space.

How does REME HALO® Pollen Air Purifier Work? 

Are air purifiers effective? The REME HALO® air purifier is an effective product that uses advanced technology to remove environmental pollutants and allergens from the indoor space. It uses photo-hydro-ionization technology that produces ionized hydrogen peroxide plasma molecules to trap and eliminate allergens like pollen in your home. 

In addition, this advanced technology works on a metal catalyst and a hydrating agent. A spectrum of ultraviolet light activates the catalyst and hydrating agent to react with indoor space moisture, leading to the formation of hydrogen peroxide molecules. 

The ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules and zinc ions make the REME HALO® air purifier more effective than other products available on the market. The product has three elements: a catalytic surface made of titanium dioxide, copper, silver, and rhodium. 

The second element is the moisture that flows through your HVAC system. The third element is the light source that contacts and interacts with the moisture to produce hydrogen peroxide plasma molecules. The reaction occurs on the catalytic surface. 

Because the product produces hydrogen peroxide molecules with super ionization, these molecules function as a magnet and attach to environmental allergens, such as pollen, dander, dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria. 

When these molecules attach to the allergens, they form clusters by coagulating the pollen grains and other environmental pathogens. The increased weight and large size of the clusters make it easy for your HVAC system’s air filter to remove the pathogens. 

Is Pollen Air Purifier Safe? 

The pollen air purifier is a safe product because it produces hydrogen peroxide molecules that naturally exist in the earth’s atmosphere. The hydrogen peroxide molecules and ionized zinc work effectively to remove pollen from the indoor space and improve air quality, leading to enhanced health and reduce risk of allergies. 

The FDA, FSIS, and USDA have approved the product for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Not only does the REME HALO® pollen air purifier remove pollen grains from your home, but it also kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Because it does not produce harsh chemicals to kill microbes and allergens, it is 100% safe for use with your HVAC system. 

Final Words 

The REME HALO® air purifier is an excellent air purification or cleaning system for homeowners. It allows them to reduce the risk of allergies by removing contaminants like pollen from the indoor space. The product also eliminates bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 and its variants. 

Although you can purchase the REME HALO® air purifier and attempt to install it as a DIY project, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Likewise, you may also buy a used or defective device. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional HVAC technician to choose the right product. 

Moreover, Air Repair Pros is a professional HVAC company in Frisco, TX. Our company has been serving residential property owners for many years, providing quality and cost-effective HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our professional technicians can also install the REME HALO® pollen air purifier correctly. Are air purifiers effective? Contact us today for more information.

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