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Central AC Installation in Hebron TX

A professional central AC installation in Hebron TX means the AC system will last for many years. However, if you have hired amateurs to install the central AC system, it will have many issues soon, and eventually, you will have to replace the entire system. This will cost you a lot of money. This is the reason you must focus on a quality Hebron Central Air Conditioner Installation services like Air Repair Pros for efficiency, speed, safety, and convenience.

What is Air Repair Pros Central AC Installation in Hebron TX?

Air Repair Pros is a professional company with qualified, licensed, and skillful technicians specializing in installation, repair, and maintenance of the central AC system. Our professional technicians know how to carry out the installation process step-by-step and efficiently.

Evaluation & Removal of Old AC System

Before installing the new central AC system, the Hebron central air conditioner technician will remove the old system. During the process, our installers will take care of your home and protect the surrounding area by removing debris. The cleanup is the first important step of the central AC system installation. In most cases, the installers will handle the disposal of the old AC system. Following removal, the AC system installer will perform a thorough assessment of your house’s existing HVAC infrastructure for issues like air duct leaks that can affect the performance of the new AC system.

Central AC Installation in Hebron TX

After the installation team has removed the old system, they will start the installation of the new central AC system. The process will require new electrical, piping, and ductwork connections. During the process, our installers will check all electrical connections and add refrigerant to the AC system based on the specification of the manufacturer. Then, they will test the new system to ensure it is working so that you can start using it as soon as the installer is finished with the job.

Thermostat Installation & Inspection

Most new central AC systems come with a new thermostat. However, if the AC system does not have a thermostat, our installer will install it during the same visit. On the other hand, if you want to keep the existing thermostat, the installer will ensure that the new AC system and the existing thermostat are well-aligned and compatible. Likewise, if you want a completely separate thermostat, for example, a smart thermostat, the central AC installation in Hebron TX technician can do so if you have the new thermostat on hand. If you don’t have it on hand, you can schedule a service in the future to install the new thermostat. Our installers will make sure you understand how to use the new thermostat and give you a few guidelines or instructions about the thermostat before he or she leaves.

Final Checks and Suggestions

After our Hebron central air conditioner installers have installed the new AC system, they will take the system through a final check. Our installers will go over basic maintenance tasks and tell you about them. This way, you can maintain the system on your own in the near future. For any major maintenance tasks, you can call the Air Repair Pros anytime in the future. Moreover, you can schedule the AC system’s first maintenance service. Our installation professional will let you know when you need professional care. He or she will also answer the most important queries you may have before the process of installation is completed. Professional AC Installation in Hebron is the best way to make sure you get the high-quality and best performance from the new AC system.

Why Choose Air Repair Pros Central AC Installation in Hebron TX

Buying a central AC requires careful and professional installation. It is different from the regularly used Window and Split AC systems. To determine the right size of the AC system that is the adequate fit for your house, our installers will perform a cooling and heating load calculation. This is a decisive assessment, which measures the unique area of your homes, such as roofs, windows, and walls. Then, the installer calculates the appropriate size of the AC system that your home requires. Moreover, improper airflow is a prevalent issue that occurs when the AC system installation has not been done adequately. The most common reasons behind this issue are leaky ducts and blockages within the system. Our professional installers or technicians will make sure the installation is adequate and without any loopholes. If you need professional central ac installation services in Hebron TX, you can call us today to schedule a date.

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