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Furnace Troubleshooting Tips You Should Definitely Know About

If you want to avoid expensive repair services, then pay attention to the furnace troubleshooting tips and furnace fixes presented in this article. A furnace system is crucial for warmth and comfort in cold winter months.

Without a furnace system, people would huddle around wood fires to stay comfortable and warm. Most furnace systems need regular tune-ups and repairs. Air Repair Pros recommend troubleshooting your furnace regularly to make it run strongly and efficiently.

Furnaces can break down and undergo significant issues, which can impede regular functioning. If the system is not working properly or refuse to turn “ON,” go through the following furnace troubleshooting tips before calling Air Repair Pros for furnace fixes. Read on!

Check the Air Filters

First, you need to check the air filter of the furnace system. Over time, the air filters get dirty and accumulate dust and debris, which can clog them. Not only does it impede the airflow, but it also affects indoor air quality.

Sometimes, it can even prevent the system from turning “ON.” A dirty air filter can likewise become a fire hazard. It can lead to premature breakdowns due to excessive buildup of dirt and dust.

So, turn off the thermostat and check the air filter at least once a month. Hold the air filter up to a light source and see whether or not the light is passing through it. If the light does not pass through it easily, it is time to clean or replace the filter. If you don’t know how to replace the filter, you can call Air Repair Pros.

Check the Thermostat

Once you have verified that the air filters are clean and installed properly, it is time to check the thermostat. When it comes to furnace troubleshooting tips, Air Repair Pros recommends homeowners to not ignore the thermostat.

Make sure the thermostat is set to “Heat.” Also, the temperature setting should be five degrees higher than the current room temperature. Replace the batteries if you think the component needs new ones.

If you have an electromechanical thermostat, you will have to open it for gentle dusting. One of the easy furnace fixes is that you use a soft paintbrush to brush off dust and dirt. Moreover, it is essential to check the location of the thermostat and ensure it is not receiving false readings from ovens, lamps, space heaters, sunlight, and other heat sources.

Check Furnace Flame

Normally, the furnace flame has a blue color with a small yellowish tip. Experts at Air Repair Pros say that the blue flame shows that the furnace is working properly. It also means the system is burning the fuel efficiently and safely.

Speaking of furnace troubleshooting tips, you need to check the flame. If the flame is not blue, it means something is wrong. A malfunctioned furnace will have a green, purple, yellow, or red flame. Do not try to repair the furnace as a DIY project. It is best to call a professional HVAC company like Air Repair Pros.

Check Pilot Light and Gas Valve

If the furnace flame is out, you can simply relight it. Although you do this easily, it is important to follow precautionary and safety measures that are explained in the owner’s manual. Make sure you turn off the gas for at least 15 minutes before you relight the pilot.

If there is a gas smell, stop relighting the pilot. The problem might be due to leakage in the gas valve or pipe. Leave your house immediately and call Air Repair Pros. If there is too much gas leakage, you should call the fire department.

Check Vents and Registers

Most often, the furnace system seems running, but the indoor space does not get proper airflow or heat. One of the best furnace troubleshooting tips is to inspect your home for the supply and return grills. Make sure the vents and registers are opened and unblocked.

Also, it is important to ensure there are no rugs, furniture, and other things that restrict the airflow. Blocked registers and vents can severely affect your comfort. They can also cause ductwork leaks due to excessive air pressure.

It is not a good idea to close off registers and vents in unused rooms. Many people have a misconception that closing off these components in unused rooms can save them some extra money. However, this is not true and would lead to more problems for the furnace system.

So, these are some of the furnace troubleshooting tips and furnace fixes you can carry out yourself, but in case you are unable to fix the problems, you can call the Air Repair Pros.

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