Heating Air Conditioning Repair Near Me - Common Heating Problems

Heating Air Conditioning Repair Near Me – Common Heating Problems

The Best Heating Air Conditioning Repair near me? HVAC repairs Frisco Texas is crucial for homeowners because it maintains an optimal indoor air quality, prolongs the system’s lifespan, and reduces energy consumption. Here are a few common heating problems and solutions. Read on! 

Not Producing Heat

Air filters prevent dirt, dust, and debris from traveling through the duct system and blowing into the indoor space. It is crucial to replace the air filter regularly at least once a month to maintain adequate indoor air quality. 

Not replacing the air filter of your furnace system will cause clogging problems. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris restricts the airflow and prevents the system from producing enough heat. 

The best Heating Air Conditioning Repair Near Me will visit your home and replace the air filter to ensure the system runs optimally and produces enough heat to maintain comfort in your home.  

In addition, no flame to ignite the fuel is another common reason the furnace system does not produce heat. The pilot light ignites the fuel. Some older furnace systems have a continuously lit pilot light that increases the risk of the flame going out. 

On the other hand, the latest furnace systems have electronic ignition mechanisms. It ignites the pilot light during the furnace cycles or when the equipment turns “ON.” Issues with ignition mean the system won’t produce warm air. 

Call Air Repair Pros is a professional company that offers HVAC repairs in Frisco Texas to fix ignition problems and related issues. That way, your system will produce enough heat and maintain optimal temperature levels in the indoor space. 

Frequent “ON/OFF” Cycles 

A furnace system cycles “ON” and “OFF” when it starts heating the indoor space. It aims to maintain the temperature you have set on the thermostat. The furnace system turns “ON,” heats the indoor space, achieves the desired temperature, and turns “OFF” again, depending on the thermostat settings and outdoor temperature. 

However, if the system turns “ON” and “OFF” frequently without reaching the desired temperature, it indicates something is wrong with the furnace. During a short cycle, your system will run for a few minutes and turns off again. The lack of airflow is the primary cause of short cycling, leading to overheating of the furnace system. 

Likewise, a dirty air filter restricts airflow and causes overheating. If you notice that your system turns on and off frequently, call Air Repair Pros. Our technician will visit your home and inspect the system. Our technician will change the air filter and perform recalibration of the thermostat to prevent short cycling. 

Strange Noises 

Although it is normal for a furnace system to produce sounds, they indicate a more significant issue if you hear strange loud noises. For example, it is normal if your system makes a clicking sound when the thermostat reaches a specific temperature. 

Likewise, you may hear a “whooshing” sound when the air travels through the duct system. Some furnace system’s blower produces louder sounds than others. However, these are normal sounds and do not indicate anything serious. 

On the other hand, if you hear a rattling noise, it indicates a loose part in the furnace. Call Air Repair Pros’ professionals to inspect the system and tighten and adjust the loose parts. That way, you can prevent the system from producing loud noises. 

Likewise, if you hear a loud rumbling noise, it means the combustion chamber has extra fuel after you have shut off the furnace. In that case, you should turn off the system and call our professional technician to inspect the furnace. 

Leaking Water

Condensation leaks are another common problem with a furnace system, causing water to pool around the system’s base. A high-end furnace system usually has PVC exhaust pipes instead of pipes made of metal material. 

Likewise, they have condensation pipes that route the water during the cooling process of the combustion fuel. When the pipes become clogged, they will cause water leaks that can accumulate around the bottom part of the system. 

If you notice water leaks, turn off the system and contact our professional HVAC services in Frisco, TX. We will send a technician to inspect the furnace, identify the issue, and resolve it immediately. 

Final Words 

Repairing your HVAC or furnace system is not a DIY task. If you attempt to fix your HVAC system yourself to save money, you will end up paying for expensive repairs. Therefore, it is wise to call the best Heating Air Conditioning Repair Near Me for HVAC repairs Frisco Texas. Contact us today!

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