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Is It Necessary to Service Your AC Every Year?

Is it necessary to service AC every year? Most people do not suggest annual AC service because it is costly. Although the belief about costs is true, neglecting your AC maintenance can lead to significant problems, causing bigger issues and leading to expensive repairs. Sometimes, your AC undergoes irreparable issues, meaning you have the replace the entire unit. Bear in mind that AC replacement is costlier than repairs or maintenance.

Is it Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

How often should I service my air conditioner? It is one of the most common questions asked by homeowners in Frisco, TX. Some companies recommend servicing the AC system every two years, while others suggest annual service.

Air Repair Pros has a qualified team of professionals who have performed thorough research on AC maintenance. Based on the research and experience, our team recommends bi-annual AC service for various reasons!

Optimal Home Temperature

Is it necessary to service AC every year? Experts at Air Repair Pros recommend bi-annual AC maintenance to prevent both minor and major problems. The biggest perk of regular AC maintenance is optimal home temperature throughout the summer season.

If your air conditioner system breaks down, it won’t maintain your home temperature, leading to discomfort. Bi-annual maintenance can significantly reduce the cost of unexpected breakdowns and maintains a cool temperature in your home.

Reduced Heat Fatigue

Heat fatigue is a common health condition that occurs when one has more exposure to higher temperatures. It can affect your metabolism and disrupt homeostatic levels. Likewise, it dehydrates your tissues and cells, leading to chronic conditions like depression, cardiovascular diseases, and Type-2 diabetes.

A well-maintained AC can protect you and your family from developing heat fatigue. Air Repair Pros has qualified technicians who focus on maintaining your AC and measuring the indoor air quality. Our technicians ensure the AC system runs smoothly and ensure your family’s comfort.

Boosted Overall Comfort

Modern HVAC systems are effective in cooling your home. However, they also reduce humidity levels in the indoor space, causing moisture-related issues. Our technicians ensure your AC works optimally and balances humidity levels in the indoor space.

Likewise, our experienced technicians set the airflow at an ideal temperature, ensuring overall comfort and satisfaction. Thus, you can sleep at night without any disturbance or worrying about higher or lower humidity levels.

Improved Ventilation

Ventilation is the most important element of the HVAC system because it influences energy efficiency and leads to optimal air quality. It also controls odors and dilutes gases, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, to prevent respiratory conditions.

Proper ventilation is very important for comfortable indoor air quality. A well-maintained AC keeps your home cool and balances humidity levels, leading to better ventilation and clean air. Air Repair Pros’ professional technicians will ensure your home’s indoor air quality is optimal, preventing various respiratory conditions.

Reduced Energy Bills

When your AC does not perform well, it consumes more energy and works even harder to maintain your home’s optimal temperature. As a result, you receive higher energy bills every month.

At the same time, it leads to expensive repairs and sometimes replacement of the entire unit. On the other hand, a well-maintained AC unit consumes low energy and reduces the utility bills by 30%.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner

Air Repair Pros recommends a bi-annual AC maintenance service. It is crucial to service your AC before the summer season and after the winter season. A well-maintained air conditioner offers numerous safety features.

For instance, our experienced technicians know how to clean and replace air filters. The purpose is to remove dust, dirt, and debris to reduce allergens and carbon monoxide levels in indoor space. That way, we prevent fire hazards and reduce the risk of mold accumulation.

Is it necessary to service AC every year? It is indeed beneficial to hire a professional company like Air Repair Pros, Frisco, TX, to ensure your AC runs at peak capacity. Not only does bi-annual maintenance extends your air conditioner lifespan, but it also reduces costly repairs by 95%.

At Air Repair Pros, our experienced technicians will love to help repair or maintain your AC system to keep your home cool throughout the summer season without breaking the bank. We recommend you to get in touch with our professional team for your AC maintenance.

Our experts can also advise you on the energy-efficient use of your AC system. Is it necessary to service AC every year? In fact, you should maintain it bi-annually for peak performance and efficiency. Contact us today!

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