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Is the REME HALO® Effective Against the Coronavirus?

REME HALO® coronavirus is an air purifier installed to remove viruses, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants from your home, leading to improved air quality and comfort for your family. As a result, you can protect yourself and your family from respiratory conditions.

The REME HALO® air scrubber is an advanced product installed in the supply plenum of your HVAC system. The product produces hydrogen peroxide plasma molecules that travel through the ductwork and purify the air inside your home.

The question is:  Is the REME HALO® effective against the coronavirus? In today’s article, we will answer this question and focus on the product’s features and benefits. Make sure you read the information carefully to know the benefits of the REME HALO® air purifier.

What is REME HALO® COVID-19 Air Purifier?

The REME Halo® air purifier uses the natural process to purify the indoor space. It is an advanced, cutting-edge product proven by research, leading to improved air quality in your home. The product produces hydrogen peroxide plasma or molecules that clean the indoor climate and leave behind a fresh, clean, and natural smell.

How Does REME HALO® Coronavirus Air Purifier Work?

The REME Halo® Covid-19 air purifier is an in-duct product designed and manufactured by RGF and installed by Air Repair Pros’ qualified technicians in the supply plenum of your HVAC system. The product uses reflective electromagnetic energy to produce plasma molecules in the indoor space.

The hydrogen peroxide plasma molecules travel through the air ducts into the living spaces through your home and find the Covid-19 spores. Instead of filtering out air, the plasma molecules waft throughout the indoor space to remove Covid-19 spores and other germs within three feet of their source.

In addition, it also forces smaller particles to solidify, making it easier for your HVAC system air filter to trap and remove viruses and bacteria from the circulating air. The REME Halo® has a new and improved design that uses ionized hydrogen peroxide output to achieve an effective and faster killing of microbes in the air.

Moreover, it also produces ionized zinc that strengthens the plasma molecules to remove all contaminants from the indoor space that can cause allergies and respiratory conditions. These charged zinc ions can attach to the pollutants and solidify them. The proactive action of the REME Halo® air purifier makes it the best product to work alongside your HVAC system.

Is the REME Halo® Air Scrubber Effective Against Covid-19?

RGF, the manufacturing company, has made substantial efforts to test the product’s efficacy against the novel coronavirus and its variants. A growing body of research evidence shows that the REME Halo® can reduce 99.9% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that has wreaked havoc worldwide.

Covid-19 is an enveloped RNA virus, meaning a regular air purifier may not remove it effectively. Consequently, it will cause a wide range of symptoms, including cold, flu, dry cough, difficulty breathing, change in taste, etc.

When this virus reaches your lungs, it can cause infections, leading to severe complications and even death. The novel coronavirus has killed millions of people worldwide and affected hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Thanks to the mass vaccination campaigns, the spread rate has been reduced. However, scientists say that vaccines may not work effectively against the Covid-19 variants. Therefore, it is crucial to purify your indoor space by installing the REME Halo® coronavirus air purifier.

The Chinese government has approved this product for protection against the Covid-19. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also recommends this product for homeowners. Because a qualified technician installs this product in your HVAC system’s supply plenum, it can produce the plasma molecules that travel through the ductwork and spread in the indoor space can skill airborne and surfaced Covid-19 spores.

Other Benefits

Several features make this product user-friendly and effective. It is equipped with quick-release technology, allowing the generation of plasma molecules and charged zinc ions that spread throughout your home. The purpose is to act proactively and remove the Covid-19 spores accumulated in the air and on the surfaces.

The cells of the REME Halo® Covid-19 air purifier work for a long time. One study shows that they work to purify the indoor air for up to 25,000 hours. Another feature that makes this product excellent is easy integration with your HVAC system and silent operation. Remember, you need to hire a professional installation company like Air Repair Pros to install the REME HALO® coronavirus air purifier. Contact us today!

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