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McKinney HVAC Contractors – Pilot Control Problems

McKinney HVAC contractors can fix a wide range of HVAC and furnace issues, including pilot control problems. The pilot is an essential component of the furnace system that ignites during the heating cycles.

Some furnace systems come with intermittent pilot lights, which are more energy-efficient than other designs. It also reduces the risk of gas leaks, but these pilots are also prone to a wide range of issues. In today’s article, we will talk about pilot control problems and solutions. Read on!

Pilot Control Problems

As a homeowner, you need to call professional HVAC contractors like Air Repair Pros if you detect any pilot control problems. A furnace system is an integral part of your home that keeps you and your family comfortable during cold winter months. However, it can undergo a wide range of issues. Like other issues, pilot control problems are also common with the furnace system. Let us talk about these issues in detail.

No Ignition Spark

One of the most common pilot control problems associated with the furnace is no ignition spark. The primary function of the ignition spark is to light the pilot and start the heating cycle. However, when there is no power, it can cause various issues. If you don’t know how to fix this problem, call professional HVAC contractors.

No Furnace Power

If there is no power to the furnace, it is time to call a professional company like Air Repair Pros. We have experienced professionals who will visit your home and check the breaker box. Likewise, the technician will also look for tripped breakers. Some furnace systems have built-in power switches that look like normal light switches. Our technician will inspect the switches and ensure they are in the “ON” position.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Incorrect thermostat settings also cause pilot control problems, including faulty ignitions. Although you can adjust the thermostat yourself, it is wise to call experienced McKinney HVAC contractors to ensure the thermostat is “ON.” If the problem persists, the technician will adjust the thermostat to heat mode by setting the temperature setting slightly higher than the current home temperature.

Loose Connections

Modern furnace systems have electronic ignition systems. If there are any loose connections, they can cause signal interruption. Call professional McKinney HVAC contractors if you detect any loose connections. Remember, working with electrical furnace systems as a DIY task can cause damage to the system. It is also dangerous for you. So, a better decision is always to call an experienced technician.

Damaged Electrode

If you have an old furnace system, it can undergo wear and tear. Besides other components, spark electrodes can also wear out, causing damage to the furnace system. It is one of the most common pilot control problems. Because it is not easy to spot a damaged electrode, seeking a professional’s help is a much-informed decision.

Faulty Control Module

It is a circuit board, which controls the input and signals from the thermostat. There are various causes of the faulty control module, including internal wear and tear and electrical surges. It is crucial to call McKinney HVAC contractors like Air Repair Pros so that we send a qualified technician who will swap out the control module.

No Pilot Light

The pilot light ignites the furnace burner and produces heat. The most common cause of no pilot light is no gas. If your pilot light is no igniting, something in the internal structure is not allowing it to receive gas. In that situation, a professional technician can remove blockages internally to enable the ignition of the pilot light.

Loose Pilot Valve Wiring

A furnace system has a pilot valve that opens and closes to allow the gas to come in and light the pilot. Because these switches are controlled electronically, any loose wiring can lead to problems like a closed pilot valve.

It is important to know that working with loose wiring on your own is not a good idea until you have sound knowledge and experience of it. Call McKinney HVAC contractors to fix the problem immediately.

Damaged Pilot Burner

Like the pilot line, the valve can get clogged due to corrosion and rusting caused by the collection of water. As a result, it will damage the pilot burner and limit the gas flow. Old burners also get damaged due to age, and constant burning throughout the winter season can deteriorate its metal housing, leading to problems like a gas blockage.

Contact Air Repair Pros

Air Repair Pros is a professional company with many years of experience. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC and furnace systems. Our company has qualified, licensed, and skilled technicians who can fix any issues related to furnaces, including pilot control problems. Lastly, we are reliable, efficient, and affordable, McKinney HVAC contractors. Contact us today!

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