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Basics of Choosing an AC System

Image by Paul Robinson CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons Thinking about hiring McKinney HVAC Repair is as important as choosing the AC System. After all, these are electronic systems and require regular maintenance and repair. Therefore, it is important to look for a reliable HVAC Repair in McKinney TX. Anyway, if you are going to replace your old AC system with a new one, you need to consider a few factors. Technology changes rapidly and every day, we have something new on the market. The same goes for AC systems as they too have novel features added by companies. In today’s article, we will tell you about the basics of choosing an AC system. Make sure you read this article in a thorough manner so that you understand the basic concepts that will help you make an informed decision – thus saving you time and money.

Type of AC System

There are different types of AC systems. Although the choice depends on your personal preferences, Air Repair Pros McKinney HVAC repair recommends either choosing the central air conditioners or ductless air conditioners. Both come with advantages and disadvantages.

1. Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioner is a common type of HVAC unit and has an indoor air handler, an outside condenser, and ductwork, which runs throughout your home. You must hire HVAC Repair in McKinney TX or Installation Company to install the indoor unit or air handler in your basement, garage, or attic. Ask the installation service personnel to properly install the ductwork. Otherwise, re-installing or fixing the ductwork will affect the central unit and cost you extra money. Therefore, you must consider this factor.

2. Ductless Air Conditioners

On the other hand, we have ductless air conditioners. These systems function without the ductwork and providing cooling to your room or home with an indoor unit installed on the wall and the outdoor unit installed somewhere outside. There are different types of ductless air conditioners. For instance, many people prefer multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit.

The size of the AC System

The second important factor is the size of the AC system. There is a common belief among the people of McKinney and other parts of Texas that a large size air conditioner provides better cooling. However, HVAC Repair in McKinney TX believes this is not the case. McKinney HVAC Repair Company “Air Repair Pros McKinney” has many years of experience. The company has done extensive research on the size of the AC system and found that an AC system larger in size can switch “ON” and “OFF” frequently. This will increase your power costs and, eventually, your energy bills. Nobody wants that, right? Don’t use your home’s square footage to determine the size of the new AC unit. Instead, you need to consider the factor of your home’s cooling load. First, you need to determine the size of your home. Second, it is important to figure out the amount of insulation in your home as well as the size of the windows. This will help you choose the right size that will surely save you money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

You must look for an energy-efficient AC system. Replacing a central air conditioner means replacing both the air handler and the condenser. It is because these two parts depend on each other to function adequately. In fact, these are the two most important components of an AC system. So, it is always a bad idea to replace the air handler and leave the condenser as is – and vice versa. When it comes to energy efficiency, you may ask how to determine the unit’s energy efficiency? Well, you need to consider the seasonal energy efficiency rating or the SEER. It helps you choose the right AC model. Air Repair Pros McKinney HVAC Repair recommends choosing an AC with at least 14-21 SEER-rated system.

Wrapping up!

Considering the aforementioned factors means you are certain to choose the best AC system. After the installation of the AC system in your home, you need to maintain your AC system so that it works effectively. If you don’t want to lose peace of mind, choosing the right AC system repairing or maintenance professionals is a good idea. Air Repair Pros McKinney HVAC Repair is a professional company with highly qualified and certified technicians who will inspect your AC system once a year and maintain it. Air Repair Pros McKinney HVAC Repair offers high-quality AC repair and maintenance services at the most affordable prices. Air Repair Pros is the providers of quality HVAC repairs in McKinney TX. Contact us today!

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