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McKinney TX AC Leaks – What You Should Know About Them

What are McKinney TX AC Leaks? Why is my AC leaking? These are essential questions asked by many homeowners in McKinney, TX. There are many causes of McKinney TX AC leaks. In today’s article, we will answer “Why is my AC leaking,” discuss causes, and mention effective solutions. Read on!

Clogged Condensate Drain Pipe

A clogged condensate drain pipe is one of the common causes of McKinney TX AC leaks. Accumulated dirt, dust, debris, mold, and insects can cause clogged lines, leading to AC leaks. Blocked drain lines do not process and expel water properly. Instead, it goes inside your home.

Although you can use a wet-dry vacuum to remove blockages in the drainpipe, you should call a professional technician if you don’t know how to carry out the procedure. We recommend calling Air Repair Pros, a professional HVAC company with experienced technicians. Our technician will visit your home and fix the problem immediately.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

A dirty evaporator coil is another cause of McKinney TX AC leaks. Dirt or dust accumulated in the evaporator coil can mix with water, leading to clogging of the evaporator coil or drain pan. Instead of fixing the problem yourself, it is wise to call Air Repair Pros’ technician to fix the problem. We recommend bi-annual maintenance for your HVAC system to ensure the problem does not occur in the future.

Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter can cause many problems, including airflow blockage over the evaporator coil. The blocked airflow can freeze up the evaporator coil, and when the ice melts, it causes an excess amount of water in the pan.

Bear in mind that the pan can’t handle too much water, leading to leaks in your indoor space. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional HVAC technician to clean or replace the air filter. We cover filter replacement in our bi-annual AC maintenance service.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant is another cause of McKinney TX AC Leaks. When your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant, it will lower the pressure inside the unit. Similar to the dirty air filters, low refrigerant can freeze up the evaporator coil. The melting of the coil leads to an excess amount of water, meaning the pan can’t control or manage it.

Signs of low refrigerant levels are not enough cooling and strange noises, such as vibration, rumbling, hissing, etc. It is wise to call Air Repair Pros for repair because low refrigerant levels that cause an excess amount of water can lead to other complications. Sometimes, you have to replace the entire system. Therefore, the informed decision is to fix it on time.

Faulty Installation

The air conditioning system is an expensive piece of equipment that requires proper installation. Otherwise, it can lead to a wide range of problems. A faulty installation can cause McKinney TX AC leaks and other complications.

Not only does it causes you to spend more money on expensive repairs, but it also reduces the overall AC system’s lifespan. Air Repair Pros has an experienced and skilled installation team that can re-install your AC system to ensure it works optimally for a more extended period.

Why Hire Air Repair Pros for AC Leaking Water?

There are two primary causes of water leaking from your AC unit. Research shows that incorrect thermostat setting and outdoor temperature can cause this problem. For instance, for people who live in the hot and humid climate of McKinney, TX, it is pretty apparent to see condensation pooling because the system works harder to cool the indoor space.

Air Repair Pros offers bi-annual maintenance services that include air filter replacement, moving parts lubrication, drainage system inspection, and overall system checkup, diagnosis, and repairs. The purpose is to clean your AC system, remove clogs/blockages, and fix other problems. That way, your AC system won’t leak excess water in your home.

Bear in mind that if you have experienced water pooling in the indoor space, the problem is quite severe and requires you to hire a professional company, Air Repair Pros, to fix it. Otherwise, you will experience more complications, leading to expensive repairs. If you can’t afford costly repairs or costly system replacement, it is better to fix the problem on time.

Many homeowners try to fix the problem themselves, which is a bad practice. Not only will this lead to further complications, but it will also void the AC warranty. Contact Air Repair Pros for professional, reliable, and affordable McKinney TX AC Leaks.

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