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McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services – No Heating!

Neglecting McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services is directly proportional to reduced furnace efficiency, decreased system lifespan, and higher energy bills. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to make the system run at its peak and create an optimal environment for employees and customers. Here are a few reasons why your heating system does not produce heat. Read on! 

Wrong Thermostat Settings

Although the wrong thermostat setting can turn on your furnace, it won’t produce heat. Heating not coming through the vents can cause problems for your employees. If no hot air comes from the heating system, check whether the thermostat is set to heat. 

Most commercial facility owners or managers make a common mistake of not setting the thermostat to heat. If you have turned on the fan, it will run constantly. While you may think that furnace is running, it is actually the blower motor. 

So, when the motor runs alone, the system won’t circulate the heat due to the absence of a heating cycle. Therefore, setting the fan to auto is essential, allowing the blower motor to run when the heating cycle occurs. 

Moreover, leaving the fan set to ON will not push warm air from the blower. Instead, the cold air blows out of the vents, and the unit consumes more energy. If the heating system does not kick on, ensure the thermostat is set a few degrees higher than the indoor temperature. 

That way, you can trigger a heating cycle and ensure the system starts up and stay lit. If the problem persists after making these necessary checks, make sure you call Air Repair Pros for McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services. 

Airflow Issues 

Airflow issues within the heating unit or ductwork prevent the warm air from moving through the system and into the commercial facility. When you turn the system, but no warm air comes out, the problem is due to obstructions. 

According to McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services, dirty or clogged air filters are the primary causes of restricted airflow. We recommend checking the air filter and replacing it with a new one. 

Regularly changing the air filter can prevent airflow problems. Obstructed vents are another reason you need McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services. Our technician will check the vents and ensure louvers stay open. 

If the louvers are closed, the technician will remove the vent cover and clean it. Sometimes, the technician may replace the cover due to jammed louvers. Besides, our technician will check your commercial facility’s registers and vents and uncover them for proper airflow. 

Common obstructions are carpeting, furniture, machinery, rugs, and other large items in your commercial facility. If you get low airflow coming from a specific vent, the technician will ensure no items have fallen into it. 

Fuel Supply Issues  

A furnace system not producing warm air is due to problems with the fuel supply. If something stops the heating unit from receiving gas, it means the system does not combust fuel. As a result, your commercial furnace won’t produce heat. 

Call Air Repair Pros for McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services. Our technician will check the gas valve on the gas supply line of your commercial facility. The purpose is to ensure the valve is open. 

Likewise, if your furnace system uses oil or liquid propane for heating fuel, the technician will check the tank and ensure there is enough fuel. If you have a system that uses natural gas, the technician will ensure there is a proper supply. Remember, this is not a DIY task and can lead to further damages. Therefore, hire Commercial heating repair McKinney TX. 

Ignition Problems 

Problems with the ignition system prevent the furnace from combusting gas to produce heat. Older heating systems use a pilot light. So, if your commercial facility has an older system, call McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services to check whether the pilot light is out. The technician will relight the pilot light based on the manufacturer’s instructions. 

On the other hand, if your heating system has an electric ignition, the problem is due to the dirty metal strip of the switch. In that case, our technician will inspect the ignition switch and clean it properly to ensure the system produce enough heat. 

Contact McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services

When your furnace system is ON but does not produce heat, make sure you hire a professional technician for troubleshooting. Call McKinney TX Heating System Repair Services today to discuss the furnace problem and schedule a repair.

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