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The REME HALO® – The Best Allen TX Air Purifier You Can Get

The Best Allen TX Air Purifier can improve indoor air quality by eliminating dirt, dust, and other environmental pollutants. Dust contains fine particles of solid matter, including dead skin cells, dust mites, insect particles, pollen, bacteria, soil, plastic particles, clothing fibers, and hair. 

Dust can build up in the indoor space and contain harmful substances that trigger allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms, including wheezing, coughing, colds, flu, stuffy nose, and rhinitis. Research shows that dust can cause a disease called silicosis. 

It is a lung disease characterized by lungs inflammation. The condition occurs when quartz dust penetrates your respiratory system, causing shortness of breath, flu, cold, cough, and fever. Today’s article will discuss the efficacy of the Best Allen TX Air Purifier. Read on! 

Allen TX Air Purifier Technology 

The REME HALO® is one of the best Allen TX air purifiers with advanced, cutting-edge electromagnetic technology. Air Repair Pros’ technician installs the air purifier in the supply plenum of the air ducts in your home. 

The REME HALO® air purifier produces hydrogen peroxide molecules or plasma. The purifier distributes the plasma through ducts into the living spaces in your home. Unlike other air purifiers that require dust particles to pass through them for filtration and purification, the REME HALO® air purifier follows a proactive approach to removing pollutants, including dust particles. 

The best Allen TX air purifier produces plasma molecules and zinc ions that get to the source of dust particles and eliminate them immediately. The charged ions also solidify the dust particles and stick them together. 

That way, pollutants coagulate and become larger, making it easier for your HVAC filter to trap and eliminate them. Make sure you replace the existing air filter with a new one to increase efficiency. 

Best Allen TX Air Purifier

Many homeowners look for ways to improve their indoor air quality. There are dozens of brands and products available on the market that claim air purification. However, not all of them work optimally when removing dust particles and other environmental allergens. 

The REME HALO® air purifier follows a unique approach than products with HEPA filters. It mimics the natural mechanism of eliminating dust particles using hydrogen peroxide plasma. A growing body of research evidence proves the effectiveness and reliability of the REME HALO® air purifier. Some of the benefits include: 

Fast and Effective Air Purification

Instead of passively eliminating environmental allergens from the air, the best Allen TX air purifier uses electromagnetic technology to produce hydrogen peroxide molecules. The purpose is to kill airborne dust particles immediately. 

The plasma molecules with zinc ions make the dust particles stick together in larger groups. That way, your HVAC filter trap and eliminate them quickly. It is crucial to install the air purifier in the correct position. Air Repair Pros’ technician can help in this regard. 

Minimizes Pollutants 

Not only does the REME HALO® air purification system removes airborne particles, but it also acts effectively against surface-borne pollutants. The product has a higher kill rate for microbes than other air purifications systems available on the market. 

The purpose is to ensure you, and your family does not get infected with viruses and bacteria present on surfaces, such as mattresses and sofas. Besides, the REME HALO® air purifier is 99.9% effective against smoke, odors, dirt, dust, and allergens. 

Reduces HVAC Repairs 

Your HVAC system with a dirty air filter works harder to maintain indoor air quality. The problem worsens due to increased environmental allergens in the indoor space. The REME HALO® air purifier integrates into your HVAC system ductwork and reduces the risk of wear and tear. 

Likewise, it ensures your system’s air filter does not get dirty quickly. Remember, a dirty air filter can take a massive toll on your cooling and heating system, resulting in higher energy bills, reduced system efficiency, and expensive repairs. 

Other Benefits 

  • Kills up to 99% of microbes, including viruses like Covid-19 and its variants 
  • Reduces sneeze germs within three feet range 
  • Offers easy integration with your HVAC system’s air ducts 
  • Maintains optimal indoor air quality for easier breathing
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep thanks to better air quality 
  • Decreases the frequency of allergy and asthma symptoms 

Contact Air Repair Pros 

Air Repair Pros is a professional HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance company in Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas. We have qualified technicians with extensive REME HALO® installation skills. Contact us today for reliable and accurate installation of the best Allen TX air purifier.

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