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When You Need Furnace Repair in McKinney TX

It is common for homeowners to hire a professional furnace repair in McKinney TX, when their furnace systems do not perform optimally. There are many HVAC contractors in McKinney, but Air Repair Pros is the one you can trust the most when it comes to the best McKinney furnace repair company.

Many homeowners call Air Repair Pros during the cold winter months and ask us, “my furnace system is not working. Can you fix it?” Before you contact a professional furnace repair in McKinney TX, it is crucial to look for some signs to determine whether your system needs repairs. Read on!

Higher Energy Bills

The first sign your furnace system fails to perform optimally is when you receive higher energy bills at the end of the month. Over time, the furnace system becomes less efficient. Reduced efficiency means the system will take longer to maintain an optimal temperature in your house.

Bear in mind that utility companies gradually increase their rates. However, if the bill increases drastically, it is an alarming situation, meaning you need to call a professional furnace repair in McKinney TX to diagnose problems and fix them right away. That way, you can avoid skyrocket power bills.

Burner Flame Turns Yellow

Everyone knows that the burner flame is usually blue. When it is blue, the furnace is working properly, but the burner flame turns yellow, it indicates that something is wrong with the system.

A yellow burner flame indicates the presence of harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, in your home. Too much carbon monoxide can impact indoor air quality and harm your health. It can lead to breathing problems and even asthma. Some studies show that it can cause lung cancer.

So, when you notice your furnace flame turns yellow, contact Air Repair Pros, a professional McKinney furnace repair company. We will send an experienced technician to assess the problem and address it on time.

Strange and Loud Noises

Old furnace systems are prone to occasional noises like creaking, banging, and rattling. However, if you have a new system and it starts making noise, call furnace repair in McKinney TX.

Your furnace system will make a disturbing squealing sound when it has a problem with motor bearings. If it makes a rattling noise, then something is wrong with the blower assembly.

Constant Thermostat Adjustment

Getting up often to adjust the thermostat is another sign you need furnace repair in McKinney TX. If you have trouble maintaining the right temperature in some rooms, you have a malfunctioned thermostat.

Although some homeowners try to adjust the thermostat themselves, the rule of thumb is to contact McKinney Furnace Repair Company. Air Repair Pros have qualified and experienced technicians who know how to adjust the thermostat correctly or repair it to make the indoor space more comfortable.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

You have installed a furnace system to maintain the air quality in your home. Right? However, if your home gets too hazy or stuffy without any reason, it means the furnace system fails to maintain air quality.

Keep in mind that a malfunctioned furnace system can circulate dust, dirt, bacteria, mildew spores, and other environmental allergens in your indoor space, leading to increase respiratory problems, such as flu, cold, cough, and breathing difficulties.

If the problem is due to the dirty filter, you can change it yourself. If the problem is caused by something else, it is time to call a professional furnace repair in McKinney TX.

Short Cycles

Short cycles are when the furnace system turns “ON” and “OFF” intermittently. The thermostat is an essential component of the furnace system that regulate your home’s temperature.

However, if the system goes “ON” and “OFF” constantly, then the problem may not be with the thermostat. Experts at Air Repair Pros believe that overheating of the heat exchanger could be the culprit. It is a serious malfunction in your furnace system.

The overheating of the heat exchanger can eventually lead to the shut down of the entire system. Once the exchanger cools down, the system will turn “ON” again. When your furnace system has short cycles, it is high time to call a professional McKinney furnace repair company like Air Repair Pros to fix the problem. Otherwise, it is not easy to survive the cold winter weather.

Moreover, Air Repair Pros has been in the industry for many years. We have experienced technicians who are familiar with different makes and models of furnace systems. If you need furnace repair in McKinney TX at the most affordable prices, contact Air Repair Pros today.

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