Gas Furnace Repair Services in Frisco TX

Gas Furnace Repair Frisco TX

If your gas furnace is not working properly, call Air Repair Pros, a professional gas furnace repair Frisco TX. In general, you can choose from a wide range of heating options for your home, including convection heaters, electric furnaces, and gas furnaces.

Each heating equipment has its own pros and cons. The HVAC system is an important component of every home in Frisco, TX, which maintains the indoor space’s optimal airflow and temperature.

In today’s article, we will talk about gas furnaces, their functions, common problems, and troubleshooting. Read on!

What Is A Gas Furnace and How Does It Work?

A gas furnace is heating equipment that uses natural gas as a power source. It is crucial to have some knowledge about the gas furnace components. That way, you will know how the furnace system works and how you can get the most out of it. A furnace system’s basic components are a thermostat, fan or draft hood, burners, heat exchanger, blower, and flue or vent.

First, the thermostat commands the furnace to produce heat and warm your home. Second, it ignites the natural gas in the burner and light it in the combustion chamber, heating the natural gas. The heated gas allows the air to pass through it. Then, the heated air passes through the ducts.

One of the primary functions of a gas furnace is that it uses a filtration system to filter the good air from the combustion waste. It ensures the dusty and dirty air does not go through the ducts and disturb the indoor air quality.

The furnace system ensures this by pushing the air through the plenum. A vent or flue captures any exhaust and releases it outside the home, protecting you and your family from toxic fumes.

Moreover, as the warm air passes through the ductwork and enters the indoor space, the cold air is forced back into the duct. That way, a furnace system provides a comfortable environment inside your home.

Common Gas Furnace Problems

Every year, Air Repair Pros receive thousands of calls made by Frisco, TX, homeowners. They usually ask the same question, “What is wrong with my HVAC system?” or “My gas furnace is not working.” It is essential to know that gas furnaces can undergo a wide range of problems, ranging from minor to major issues.

Before we tell you about the most common problems with a furnace system, keep in mind that you have to avoid troubleshooting them yourself. Otherwise, your furnace system can cause even more complications, leading to costly repairs and even replacement. Some common gas furnace problems are:

  • The furnace won’t start
  • Furnace blowing cold air
  • The draft motor runs, but the furnace won’t start
  • The draft motor won’t start
  • The flame starts, but the system shuts down
  • The blower won’t shut off
  • The furnace continues to shut off
  • Inadequate indoor air quality
  • The furnace makes strange noises
  • The furnace produces bad odors

These are some of the common furnace problems. Although you can diagnose and fix some of them yourself, it is advised to hire a professional gas furnace repair Frisco TX. Air Repair Pros has licensed and experienced professionals who have been working with different makes and models for years. We know how to diagnose a problem in your HVAC system and fix it right away.

Gas Furnace Repair Frisco TX – Troubleshooting

When you call Air Repair Pros, we will send a skilled technician to check your furnace system. Our technician takes the following steps to troubleshoot a furnace.

Step 1: Check the thermostat batteries and replace them (if needed).

Step 2: Check and test breakers using a digital multimeter to ensure no fuse or circuit breaker tripping.

Step 3: Check and replace the clogged filter with a new one to ensure the system produces warm air and enough heat.

Step 4: Check the safety switch located on the furnace door and ensure it is activated.

Step 5: Remove obstructions and flammable substances around the furnace to ensure its proper functioning.

Step 6: Look for burner flames and ensure it is blue. If it is red, blue, or green, something is wrong with the furnace.

Step 7: Check the pilot control or ignition.

Step 8: Check other components to determine why the system does not blow air.

Step 9: Check the motor blower lubrication ports if the furnace produces strange noises.

Step 10: Check the vent, flame sensor, and inspect the gas line.

Our technician will check the entire system thoroughly to find the problem and come up with effective solutions to make your furnace run smoothly again. If you need gas furnace repair Frisco TX, call Air Repair Pros today!

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