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New Year Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX

Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX is an essential service offered by Air Repair Pros to inspect your unit, diagnose the issue, and resolve it immediately. The purpose is to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels in the indoor space and keep you and your family comfortable.

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars to install a high-quality cooling and heating system. However, most of them neglect the significance of preventative maintenance, leading to reduced system efficiency, higher energy consumption, and decreased equipment lifespan.

The primary objective of a furnace system is to maintain a warm temperature in your home according to your requirements. However, when the system undergoes damages, it can blow cold air instead of hot air. Thus, this causes the system to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home.

At the same time, the system consumes more energy but does not achieve the desired temperature levels in the indoor space. Sometimes, the smaller issues become larger problems, which are often irreparable. Therefore, it is wise to call Air Repair Pros for Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX to fix the furnace blowing cold air. Read on!

Causes of Furnace Blowing Cold Air

What are the causes of the furnace blowing cold air? If your heating system blows cold air in the indoor space, it means something is wrong with the gas supply, flame detector, pilot light, air filters, or condensate lines. Let us now discuss these issues.

Damaged Pilot Light

Check the pilot light of your gas furnace and ensure it is working correctly. Otherwise, you need to call Air Repair Pros for Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX. Our technician will inspect the pilot light and determine why the system blows cold air.

The pilot light in the gas furnace plays a crucial role in igniting the burners, ensuring the equipment develops and produces heat. A damaged pilot light is a common issue with an older gas furnace with poor or no maintenance. Anyway, our technician will fix the problem and ensure it does not occur again.

Dirty Flame Detector

Some gas furnaces do not rely on a pilot light to run the heating processes. A furnace system without a pilot light uses a flame detector for a proper heating cycle. However, if the dirt, dust, grime, or debris covers the flame detector, you will notice the furnace starts blowing cold air.

Although you can clean the flame sensor or detector yourself, it is wise to call a professional company like Air Repair Pros for Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX. That way, you can prevent the risk of severe damages and run the equipment correctly to achieve your comfort levels.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter is another cause of the furnace blowing cold air? Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate in the air filter and restrict the airflow. Common signs of dirty air filters include overheating issues, long heating cycles, and furnace blowing cold air.

Replacing the dirty filter with a new one will resolve the issue. However, if the problem persists, we recommend performing Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX. Our technician will visit your home and inspect areas of concern.

After diagnosing the system’s component that has caused the issue, our technicians will use their expertise and quality tools to fix the problem. Remember, you must not wait for the problem to worsen. Immediately call Air Repair Pros for an on-time solution.

Clogged Condensate Lines

Modern furnace systems have condensate drain lines that play a crucial role in removing moisture from the indoor space. However, a clogged drain line can deactivate the burner and cause the unit to blow cold air.

Air Repair Pros’ technician knows how to unclog the condensate lines and readjust the burner. That way, the system will start working correctly and blow warm air in the indoor space, increasing comfort and peace of mind.

Contact Air Repair Pros

Air Repair Pros has many years of experience in furnace installation, repair, and maintenance, making our company one of the best in Princeton TX. We offer all-inclusive furnace services at the most affordable prices.

In addition to installation and repair, our company offers affordable bi-annual preventative maintenance services. Air Repair Pros offers the Comfort Club Membership Program, allowing homeowners to receive two free tuneups and 24/7 emergency repair services with various other exclusive perks.

We have highly qualified and skilled technicians with extensive knowledge and experience. So, you can rely on us to carry out quality and reliable Heating System Repairs in Princeton TX. Contact us today!

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